Man Up: 6 Essential Books of Classic Wisdom for Modern Men

best men's wisdom books
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* Books with knowledge for the 21st century man
* How to dress well, ask out that girl, cook a steak and more
* Great gifts for any young men in your life

Even though gender norms are becoming less defined in the 21st century, there are still some necessary skills, wisdoms and tips that every guys should know. But unlike training for one job or playing a certain sport, these skill are all over the map, and you usually don’t realize you need them until it’s crunch time (think, sitting on the side of the road with a flat tire, dreading that break-up talk, or digging through your closet on the first day of work).

Luckily, there is one tried-and-true shortcut for acquiring these must-know skills: great books. There are several exceptionally helpful guides to manhood out there, and we rounded them up below. Check out these books to stock up your bookshelf, or pick one up as a great gift for a young man in your life.

1. Man Up!

We like Man Up!: 367 Classic Skills for the Modern Guy because it’s super straightforward, easy to read and well-organized by different areas of life including work, home, personal branding and more.

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2. Manual to Manhood

Manual to Manhood promises to make you feel (and look) like you have it all together. It’s chock-full of pro-man-tips that range from simple tricks like how to cook a perfect steak to complex skills like how to ask out that girl.

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3. Esquire The Biggest Black Book Ever

This book comes from the manhood experts at Esquire and has 1,037 tricks, techniques and secrets for success.

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4. Men’s Health: The Big Book of Uncommon Knowledge

Men’s Health rounded up some of their best tips and tricks for manliness in this Big Book of Uncommon Knowledge. The content ranges from serious stuff like how to woo a girl or survive a nasty divorce to more fun tips like how to woo a rainbow trout or survive a nasty bear attack.

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5. Art of Manliness Collection

This collection from Art of Manliness includes two books that come housed in a fine, gift-ready cigar box. The first book, The Art of Manliness, contains all the tips and wisdom for being a man in the 21st century while the second book, Manvotionals, contains quotes, poems and essays for inspiration.

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6. Dressing the Man

Trends come and go, but classic men’s style stays more or less the same – and every guy should know how to nail it. Dressing the Man teaches you to master that timeless style and not become a “fashion victim” like so many others.

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