Baby on Board: 6 Best Books to Prepare Your Toddler for A New Baby

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* Preparation is key when a new baby is on the way
* It can be a challenge to explain to your toddler what to expect
* Start reading these books to them early on in the pregnancy

The arrival of a new baby can be a pretty traumatic time for a toddler. Help them (and yourself) out by reading a few or all of these books that will help prepare and explain to them the various emotions they may experience such as jealousy, confusion and anger that may arise. These books are sweet, tell straightforward stories and are reassuring. With adorable illustrations your toddler will love and gravitate towards, these books will also help to answer any questions they may have in a fun way.

1. Waiting for Baby

Waiting for Baby by Rachel Fuller is a great book that offers help to prepare toddlers and young children for the downfalls and delights of having a younger brother or sister. The pictures are colorful and the words offer questions that promote conversation with your toddler about the months to come.

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2. I’m A Big Sister

I’m A Big Sister by Joanna Cole is one of the more popular (almost 4 million sold) books on preparing young children for their first big transition. The book is told through the eyes of a new older sister who lays out all the good things about being an older sibling, and how exciting welcoming a new member to the family can be. The book has been updated with new, cheerful artwork and includes an appended note that advises parents on encouraging good sibling relationships.

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3. I Am a Big Brother

As the companion book to I’m a Big Sister (above), I Am a Big Brother by Caroline Jayne Church  shares the joys of becoming a big brother and how the arrival of a new baby comes with many transitions. The story is accompanied by adorable toddler illustrations and will help prepare any and all older brothers on getting ready for an expanding family.

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4. Babies Don’t Eat Pizza

Babies Don’t Eat Pizza by Dianne Danzig is a comprehensive, award-winning book that uses child-friendly humor and honesty to detail the journey of life with a baby from birth through toddlerhood. It covers everything from multicultural families, how babies are born, grow and behave, adoption, twins, and even includes a parents’ tip page with pointers. This book has been vetted by teachers, nurse educators, physicians and parents and speaks to the real questions, perceptions and concerns the author has heard from over 2500 children about their baby siblings.

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5. God Gave Us Two

The sequel to God Gave Us You, God Gave Us Two  by Lisa Tawn, Bergren helps affirm a parent’s unchanging love for a child and helps little kids accept, appreciate and love their new siblings. The book centers around a polar bear family who are expecting another baby. Gently and lovingly the parents assure their firstborn that the new baby is a gift from God they want very much just as Little Cub was and still is.

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6. Little Dragon and the New Baby

Little Dragon and the New Baby by Deborah Cuneo address the universal difficulty of adjusting to the idea of a new sibling. Little Dragon is about to be a big brother and he is not happy about it. When the egg finally hatches and the new baby dragon arrives, the whole family receives a big surprise and he realizes that maybe things aren’t so bad after all.

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