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Buy This $28 Antenna Once and Basically Get Free Cable For Life

* Picks up a broad range of digital channels
* Full 4K capability
* No monthly payment or contracts anymore

This digital HDTV antenna allows you to pick up digital TV signals in 4K and full HD and receive a range of broadcast networks, without the need to pay for basic cable just to get the channels that some of us can remember being free in the first place.

With this antenna and its 80-yard range, you can recall the good old TV days of the 80s and 90s. And since many of us employ streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix and HBO go and use internet-enabled smart TVs anyway, this lets you pick up the “basic” channels and you can pretty much skip cable. No need to jimmy up a “black box,” or go illegally tapping into physical “cable” wires like the cartoon criminal on an old episode of The Simpsons, either.

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This signal-boosted antenna lets you get NBC, CBS, PBS, Unimás, Telemundo, the CW and more, all without paying any monthly fees. It’s easy and relatively foolproof to set up as well. It comes with an 18’ coaxial cable along with a USB power cable with a built-in surge protector and smart charing capability. Essentially, you just connect the cables, and the antenna automatically scans for digital channels as they become available. You can find out online which ones are broadcast in your area. As close to plug and play as modern TV gets, this digital antenna is a great cable alternative especially if you already, like many of us, just use online streaming for most other things.

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