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The Best Camera Clamps and Mounts Are Like Having An Extra Set Of Hands

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things a photographer can experience is when the perfect shot is just out of reach. Whether your arm just isn’t long enough to get the right angle or there’s something in the way, there are times when photographers undoubtedly wish they had the stretchy arms of Mr. Fantastic. While that dream is obviously, well, out of reach, a camera clamp is the next best thing.

Camera clamps and mounts work well for action cameras like GoPros, because they help free the user’s hands. Plus, some have rotating necks, which make it easy to get the ideal angle. Some clamps are designed to be used as part of small monitor setups, and they are versatile enough to be used with various pieces of equipment like lights and monitors. If you need a camera for your small film setup or your next adventure, these options might be the ones for you.

1. Smatree Clamp Mount for GoPro Hero

This mount is designed to be used with a variety of small cameras such as the GoPro and Logitech webcam. It has a jaw clamp on one end that clasps onto just about any edge, and the flexible but strong neck can be adjusted to get the right angle.

Pros: Long, flexible gooseneck. The clamp has a strong grip. Ball joint allows the camera to be adjusted.

Cons: Not intended to be used with cameras that are much heavier than a GoPro.

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2. SMALLRIG Ballhead Arm Super Clamp Mount

This mount has an adjustable clamp and can be attached to cameras, monitors, or a variety of camera accessories. The rod clamp gives it a wide range and precise control. The ball head design adds extra adjust-ability for the camera or monitor.

Pros: Versatile option that can be used with a wide variety of devices. It’s about palm-sized, so it won’t get in the way.

Cons: Ballhead can rotate under weight.

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3. ChromLives Super Clamp Photography Camera Crab Clamp

This clamp doesn’t have the same rotating ball head that the other options do, but that also reduces the risk of wobbling. It has a crab clamp design that has a maximum opening diameter of 2.16-inches. The aluminum alloy and stainless steel construction make it a sturdy option.

Pros: Sturdy metal construction, clamp can fit on a variety of surfaces, the removable mount allows it to be modified.

Cons: Grip difficult to tighten.

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