These Bluetooth Car Speakerphones Can Make an Old Car Feel New Again

Best Car Speakerphones
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Driving while distracted is a big no-no these days, and in many States, it’s a punishable offence to be on your phone while you’re on the road. To stay connected while driving, you need one of these Bluetooth car speakerphones. They’re a convenient way to enjoy unlimited ways of communication and can serve as a speaker in the car, on the conference table or as a portable music player to take with you wherever you go.

These speakerphones feature the latest in Bluetooth technology to allow for a fast, multipoint connection and have a memory function for automatic pairing. One of our options can even support the pairing of two phones automatically and with their in-motion sensor, the car kit will switch to auto power and connect with your phone when the car door is opened.

In addition, their premium audio features help them deliver CD-like, crystal clear sounds while enjoying echo and noise-free conversations. With their fast and quick installation, space-saving attributes and compatibility with all devices that support Bluetooth technology, these speakerphones will help you welcome your daily commute safe and (quality) sound.


1. Yunjing Bluetooth Speakerphone Car Kit

This speaker serves as a multi-function speakerphone, allowing you to answer, hang-up and reject calls, redial, control volume and play music. With its built-in speakers, echo and background noise-reduction features, your calls will be crystal clear no matter where you are.

Pros: A built-in motion sensor allows you to start driving without delay as the speaker kit switches to auto power and connects your phone when the car door is opened.

Cons: This cannot be paired with the car radio speakers.

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2. SuperTooth Buddy Visor Speakerphone Car Kit

This compact speaker will automatically pair with your phone, allow you to use up to two mobile phones simultaneously and it will automatically re-connect to your mobile device when returning to your vehicle. Also included is an echo-free conversation feature, which works surprisingly well on such a powerful speaker. Other features include last call redial and voice recognition dialing with supporting mobile phones.

Pros: Enjoy up to 20 hours of talk time and 40 days of standby time.

Cons: This speaker can only be used for phone calls.

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3. Aigoss Bluetooth 4.2 Car Speakerphone

The speaker’s built-in microphone works as a speakerphone, allowing you to chat with hands-free clarity and it also supports music, GPS and voice commands. Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, this speaker is also easy to use with one button capability to answer and end calls, and play, pause and switch your music.

Pros: Ultra-compact, this speakerphone is lightweight and portable and can easily be slipped into your backpack or bag.

Cons: There is no backlight so it may be hard to see buttons at night.

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