Need a Job? Here are 10 Books That Could Help Get You Hired

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* Job hunts can be stressful and daunting to start
* These books offer insider tips and tricks from recruiters and hiring managers
* Learn how to leverage your online presence as well

Embarking on a job hunt can be a daunting process. Whether you’re fresh out of school, at a creative stasis, or looking for a drastic mid-career switch, the Internet offers both a wealth of resources, as well as an overwhelming list of options. And that’s just the search; there’s also the issue of crafting the perfect cover letter and resume, acing the interview, and negotiating your salary.

These books are written by people who’ve spent years in the hiring and recruiting industries, and provide valuable insights, that you may not have thought of. Technology is changing the game- it’s estimated that 73% of companies have used social media to successfully recruit and hire candidates, while conversely, 70% of employers have turned down candidates because of something negative they’ve found online. So before you embark on that epic search, take a look at the SPY-approved books below.

1. What Does Somebody Have to Do to Get a Job Around Here! 44 Insider Secrets and Tips that Will Get You Hired

Cynthia Shapiro, a former Human Resources executive turned employee advocate, lifts the curtain behind the hiring process and reveals some of the best-kept secrets throughout the hiring process at major companies. She takes you through each step, start to finish, from killer resume writing tips to acing the interview.

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2. 60 Seconds and You’re Hired!: Revised Edition

From Robin Ryan, a woman who called “America’s top career expert” by The Los Angeles Times, comes a book that compiles her knowledge from not only twenty years as a career counselor, but thirty years of direct hiring. Concise, direct and to-the-point, it offers handy short-cuts such as answers to 125 tough questions interviewers often ask, and how to effectively negotiate your desired salary.

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3. What I Wish EVERY Job Candidate Knew: 15 Minutes to a Better Interview

Featured in Woman’s World Magazine and Business Insider, Russell Tuckerton dishes out essential advice on how to ace the interview process. Using the decades of experience he has collected from being on the other side of the hiring process, he outlines certain bad behaviors he’s witnessed that many potential hires are not even aware of, and advice on how to get an edge over the competition.

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4. What Color Is Your Parachute? 2019: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers

An Amazon bestseller, Richard Bolles’ book has sold over ten million copies across 28 countries, and continues to inspire potential employees today. Adapted and updated to suit the current job market, Bolles provides time-tested job hunting strategies that can be applied for those looking for a mid-career change to those fresh out of college. It can be a long, frustrating road, looking for a job, and Bolles acknowledges this, and is here to help.

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5. How to Write the Perfect Resume: Stand Out, Land Interviews, and Get the Job You Want

It is the first thing any potential new employer or hiring manager is going to look at, so it’s safe to say that your resume should make an impression. Dan Clay advises you on everything from layout to language, and helps you navigate difficult employment history questions, such as long gaps between jobs. Clay’s advice even directly addresses common tests and weeding out practices companies will put your resume through, so you can ensure yours will make it to the top of the pile.

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6. How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile… And 18 Mistakes to Avoid

LinkedIn is now considered an essential professional resource, and an essential tool for networking and hiring opportunities. This book by Brenda Bernstein is considered the LinkedIn “bible,” and has already been an e-book bestseller on Amazon, and was more recently updated to reflect the latest LinkedIn software additions. Bernstein’s book will help you improve your search rankings, showcase your professional strengths, and write a simple yet effective summary.

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7. Art of the Job Search: A Step-By-Step Guide to Finding a Job You Love

You’ve heard the saying- if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life. Heather Hund gives you advice on not just finding any job, but finding the job. She guides you through the process from start to finish, beginning with your career dreams and goals, and helping you through the search, interview and even salary negotiation.

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8. The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success

This bestseller by Nicholas Lore uses techniques that were originally developed by the Rockport institute, a career-counseling network. “The Pathfinder” offers a vast resource of self-tests and diagnostic tools to help you evaluate your current career path, or embark on an entirely new one. Taking a knowledgeable and supportive approach, this book will boost your confidence before going on that job hunt.

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9. Stacked: Double Your Job Interviews, Leverage Recruiters, Unlock Linkedin

While you may already have a LinkedIn profile, you may not be appropriately leveraging it or unlocking all the potential benefits it has to offer. Karen Gurney’s book applies her years of experience and compiles them into actionable ideas, that will not only elevate your professional profile, but get recruiters to start seeking you out.

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10. Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0

While you may think that Facebook and Instagram are social platforms, you may be surprised in the variety of ways that you can leverage them to help with your job hunt. They give you the keys to the kingdom, providing you with search engine optimization techniques to ensure you appear at the top of recruiting lists, and creative new ways that you can leverage your profile.

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These Books Can Help You Get The Raise or Promotion You’ve Been After, According to Reviews