The Best Clip-On Reading Lights

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Imagine what your life would be like without books. They’re a great way to learn about the world and to learn about ourselves. Books also let us travel to distant lands without leaving our home and they ignite our imaginations to provide a type of escapism. They introduce us to characters who become our best friends, real life figures who inspire us, and stories that are so riveting they feel as though they must be true.

If you are in school, books and textbooks become an extension of yourself. Every moment not reading feels like a moment lost. Every chapter and chart brings you one step closer to achieving your goals, whether they be learning about ancient wars or mastering the nuances of the periodic table.

E-readers and tablets like the Kindle are a great way to experience books digitally, with the ability to hold dozens of titles at once and at a fraction of the weight of a traditional book. But there’s something about holding the physical pages of a story that give us a greater connection to the words we are reading. Plus, nothing beats the smell of a great book.

If you’re a lover of the library, a frequent shopper at your local bookstore, or student who is doing their best to stay awake while reading hundreds of pages of textbooks every week, you need a great book light. They allow you to read late into the night without disturbing your partner or roommate. They’re small enough that they can travel with you and your book and help you read on the go. Plus, anything that helps reduce eyestrain in this age of technology is a must-buy.

1. DEWENWILS USB Rechargeable Book Reading Light

The DEWENWILS USB Rechargeable Book Reading Light is so light and compact that it’s easily mistaken for a bookmark. The holder can be adjusted to any angle and the light moves almost 360°, making sure you don’t miss a single word on your page. The rechargeable LED light has two different settings, adjusting from 100% to 50% and always giving you glare-free illumination. Our team loves that the rechargeable light lasts up to eight hours on a full charge. The reading light does take 1.5 hours to reach full charge, so you do need to make sure you plan ahead when it’s time to use the DEWENWILS USB Rechargeable Book Reading Light.

DEWENWILS USB Rechargeable Book Reading Light

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2. CeSunlight Rechargeable LED Book Light

If you’re a literary purist who doesn’t want anything arming your crisp book jacket, we recommend the CeSunlight Rechargeable LED Book Light. The CeSunlight has steel alloy arms that are flexible and covered in non-toxic silicone, making them comfortable to wear around your neck. The light weighs only 3 ounces and can last up to eight hours on high brightness and 10 hours on normal brightness, but it does take three hours to for the rechargeable lithium battery to fully charge.

CeSunlight Rechargeable LED Book Light

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3. Energizer Clip Book Light for Reading

The Energizer Clip Book Light for Reading is a tiny (but mighty) reading light. Bundled with two Energizer batteries included, the light can last up to 25 hours, making it great for anyone looking for a book light for traveling. The downside to this model is that the batteries do need to be replaced either with standard batteries or with new rechargeable batteries. Small in size, weight, and price, the Energizer Clip Book Light for Reading has a flexible neck that allows the reader to adjust the light will any way they like, with the stream of light reaching an impressive 4 m.

Energizer Clip Book Light for Reading


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4. YTE Book Light

The YTE Book Light Comes with six LED lights that allow for three different brightness settings, allowing you to find the level that works best for your eyesight and preferences. The lamp is clipped on to the book and has a swivel gooseneck that allows you to angle the light however you like. The rechargeable battery lasts an impressive 60 hours on a single charge, making it one of the lights with the longest lasting battery on the market.

YTE Book Light

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