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These Bluetooth Conference Phone Speakers Meet the Demands of the Modern Office

It’s no secret that the way we work has changed. Not only are we living in the information age, but the era of remote work has fundamentally altered the way teams collaborate in the modern workplace. A simple meeting might require coordinating schedules with team members scattered across the world, and even teams working in the same geographical area might be calling in from their respective home offices. Today’s conference room might look more like a living room than a board room, and that means the traditional conference phone is in desperate need of an upgrade. So if you’re looking for the best conference phones for your business needs, what you should really be looking for are the best wireless and Bluetooth conference speakers.


What To Look for in a Conference Speaker 

The best conference phone speakers allow you to conduct meetings anywhere, and they connect to even more services than your standard conference phone. That’s because our favorite options work with Bluetooth or wired through USB connections, allowing you to connect to just about any kind of service.

Battery life is important. If opting for a wireless conference speaker, having it cut out mid-call isn’t going to do you any favors with your boss.

Keep in mind where you’ll be using your conference speaker. A larger speaker that will remain stationary on your desk is fine, but if you often travel for work, an option that is closer in size to a drink coaster is great for throwing in your briefcase and taking on the go.

Call quality is important. Look for conference speakers that have noise reduction features and a high-quality mic that will make sure your voice is heard.


How We Chose the Best Conference Speakers

Unlike the speakers you use to blast your favorite 90’s hip-hop, these wireless conference phone speakers are designed specifically with voice calls in mind. From mics that pick up sound from multiple directions to background noise reduction software, these speakers are designed so that you can hear and be heard. These options are also loud enough so that if you want to use them instead of a conference speakerphone in a traditional office setting, you can.

We’ve rounded up a few of the best Bluetooth conference phone speakers. These are the ones to get.

1. Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Jabra is known for its great wireless headphones, and the audio brand also makes this portable and convenient Bluetooth conference speaker. Its disc shape and included zippered carrying pouch make it a great option for professionals on the go. The omnidirectional microphone picks up your voice loud and clear, and it can be connected via Bluetooth or USB. The controls are placed on the edges of the speaker and are spaced far enough apart that you won’t accidentally press the wrong button. There’s are two separate volume buttons, two separate answer/end call buttons, a mute button and convenient LED indicators that display your selection. Like the best conference phone speakers, it’s a user-friendly device that won’t leave you struggling with technical problems during your most important meetings.

Pros: Intuitively placed buttons. Slim and compact, includes a zippered carrying pouch. Works wired or with Bluetooth. 15-hour battery life. USB adapter included.

Cons: Could be louder.

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2. Anker PowerConf S3 Bluetooth Speakerphone

This Bluetooth speakerphone from Anker has six mics to pick up audio in all directions from up to 16 feet away. You can connect to your phone using Bluetooth or the USB-A port. The included cable is USB-A to USB-C, making it an ideal option for connecting to modern laptops. Of course, you can swap out the cable for USB-A to USB-A if that’s what you need. It has a stylish fabric speaker and a simple control panel in the middle of the unit with a phone button, two volume buttons and a mute button. It also features background noise reduction and boasts an impressive 24-hour battery life.

Pros: The most reliable battery of all the best conference phone speakers. Comes with a convenient carrying case. Six mics, making it a great option for group meetings. Background noise reduction.

Cons: Audio quality is not as high as some other options.

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3. eMeet Conference Speaker for 5-8 People

While many conference speakers come from brands that primarily focus on other fields, eMeet exclusively focuses on tech for virtual business meetings. This conference speaker has four mics and is designed for meetings with up to eight people in the room. It can be connected via Bluetooth, wired through USB or wirelessly through the USB adapter. The speaker is designed to be compatible with most common apps like Skype, Zoom, Facetime, and other services.

Pros: Can be connected wirelessly through Bluetooth or USB adapter, as well as wired. Reduces unwanted background noise.

Cons: Nowhere to store the dongle when not in use.

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4. Bang and Olufsen Beosound A1 Conference Speaker

Bang & Olufsen’s conference speaker pulls double duty, functioning as a conference speaker and a really fantastic sounding Bluetooth audio speaker. Totally waterproof, this sound quality is a significant upgrade over what you’d get from portable Bluetooth speakers and yields a vibrant tone off of longer battery life of 18 hours. Additionally, it can function alongside Amazon Alexa, making it a smart speaker too.

Pros: Great sound in a small package.

Cons: Expensive in comparison to other options.

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5. Poly Sync 20+ Conference Speaker

The Poly Sync 20+ looks a lot like the conference speaker you’re used to seeing in your old office, which means you can count on it to reliably provide clear audio. An impressive 20 hours of battery life means you’ll probably charge way less often than you’d think. Speaking of charging, an included USB slot allows you to charge your smartphone off of it in case you’re running low on juice. And to make it even more portable, it even comes with a carrying case.

Pros: Great-sounding audio, extra features.

Cons: Isn’t the most attractive-looking option.

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