Keep Your Favorite Memories on Display With the Best Digital Picture Frames

best digital picture frames 2021
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Thanks to smartphones, it’s easier than ever to capture life’s big and little moments in photos and videos. People are taking more pictures than ever, but these moments deserve to be displayed somewhere other than on the small screen of your smartphone. That’s why traditional picture frames are still popular even as instant photo printing has gone the way of Blockbuster. In addition to old-fashioned photo frames, we also like to use smart electronic photo frames, which are continually improving to make it easier for users to instantly upload photos and videos.

Traditional digital photo frames that use SD cards and USBs are still a great option for budget-conscious consumers and for anyone who doesn’t need to frequently change out their photos. However, we strongly prefer WiFi-enabled digital frames, which are the latest addition to the market. The best smart photo frames make it easy for users to upload and share photos from their phone, email or social media. You can also give friends and family access to the frame, so the grandkids can upload their latest selfies no matter where they are in the world.

These WiFi-enabled frames make a wonderful gift for parents and grandparents. Is your grandmother not tech-savvy but still wants daily pictures of your dog frolicking in the snow? Give her a WiFi-enabled digital photo frame.

The best digital photo frames make a great gift, but they are also a wonderful item to buy for yourself. Stop snapping pics and forgetting them and instead put them proudly on display where they can be enjoyed. Keep reading to find the best digital photo frames for sale in 2021.


1. Nixplay 2K Smart Digital Picture Frame


Nixplay dominates the market for digital photo frames thanks to its high resolution, high-end physical frame and easy-to-use app. The company has recently begun selling its frames with crystal clear 2K resolution, helping photos and videos come to life. Each frame can be wall-mounted or customers can use the detachable cord stand system. Sensitive motion and light sensors will turn the frame on and off automatically to help preserve battery life. Customers can pick playlists to accompany their photo gallery simply by asking Alexa. Since its debut, the Nixplay frame has generated more than 10,000 reviews on Amazon and earned a stellar 4.8-star rating. While there are now more affordable digital picture frames (see the Skylight below), the Nixplay is still our top choice.

Using the Nixplay app, which is available on iOS and Android, customers can securely upload photos and videos directly to the frame, with multiple friends and family members accessing the same account. Users can set their app to update directly from Google Photos or take pictures and videos from Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram. SPY received a sample of a Nixplay frame when it was first released, and we were impressed by how quickly it responded to new uploads and how easy it was to navigate the app. A great gift for older family members who may not be tech-savvy enough to update the frame themselves, Nixplay also comes with a magnetic remote to make its interface user-friendly. Finally, customers can choose from a variety of sizes to pick the frame that best fits into their home decor.

Nixplay 2K Smart Digital Picture Frame Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Skylight Digital Picture Frame


For those who are somewhat limited in their tech-savvy abilities but still want a frame that makes it easy for multiple users to add photos from anywhere, we love the Skylight. Easily one of the best smart picture frames for sale in 2021, this product comes with a dedicated email account that makes it easy for friends and family to send photos directly to the unit. In fact, the entire setup process can be completed in minutes. While it doesn’t quite match the 2K resolution of the Nixplay frame, it does win out on price.

Skylight requires the use of WiFi when receiving new photos, but the frame can still display photos that have previously been sent when not connected to your home’s internet. A notification will alert users when new photos have been added and users can tap the touchscreen frame to ‘heart’ the photos, which will let the sender know the pictures have been received. The 10-inch screen has 1280 x 800 resolution and a user-friendly touchscreen that allows customers to swipe, browse and delete photos and adjust the settings of the slideshow. In our testing, we found that it was easy enough for technologically challenged users to set up Skylight and start receiving photos, which is why it’s one of our favorite gifts for grandparents.

Skylight digital picture frame Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Aura 2K Smith Smart Digital Picture Frame


Close behind Nixplay is the newer digital photo frame, Aura. The company is quickly making a name for itself thanks to its easy upload abilities and beautiful frame designs, which are available in several modern options that provide a welcomed alternative to the typical black, silver and white options available in the digital photo frame market. SPY also received a sample of the Aura for testing, and we were impressed by the high-end finish of the physical unit and the user-friendly and secure app, which makes it easy for friends and family to upload photos instantly to the users’ frame. The Alexa-enabled Aura boasts a 2048 x 1536 resolution that for this model is paired with a 10-inch screen. Aura offers free storage for up to 10,000 photos and has intelligent photo curation software that will automatically adjust and rotate images to ensure they fit perfectly within the frame. We also like that the company makes it easy to preload frames with photos so that the frame arrives ready with pictures when sent as a gift.

The brand’s flagship smart picture frame, the Smith line, features a finely etched stainless steel frame in black or rose gold, which comes with a high price tag. However, the brand also has more affordable models available on its website starting at $169.

Aura 2K Smith Smart Digital Picture Frame Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame


If you have a lot of photos (we mean A LOT), then you might want to consider the Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame. The frame comes with an impressive 16 GB internal memory which can store up to 40,000 pictures. However, this smart photo frame can also receive photos via app or email. The Wi-Fi-enabled picture frame can receive photos and 30-second videos over the network or by using the companion app or dedicated email. The 10.1-inch touchscreen has a 1280 x 800 resolution and can be used in portrait, landscape mode and can be wall-mounted. For users who don’t want to use the Wi-Fi settings, the Dragon Touch also supports USB drives and SD cards.

Dragon digital picture frame Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Crosstour 8-Inch Electronic Photo Frame


For a basic digital photo frame that won’t break the bank and will still display photos and videos with clarity, there is the Crosstour 8-Inch Electronic Photo Frame. The user-friendly frame supports USB drives and MMC/SDHC memory cards up to 64G. External speakers can also be connected for a better viewing and listening experience when watching videos on the frame or setting pictures to music. The 8-inch frame has and 1280 x 1020 resolution and supports 720P and 1080P video. The Crosstour will automatically adjust photos when used in landscape or portrait and comes with wall mounting hardware. The frame can also be used as a calendar or an alarm clock and includes a remote control for added convenience.

Crosstour digital picture frame Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Meural Canvas II


For a photo frame that makes a big impact, we like Meural’s collection of oversized frames. The 21.5-inch Meural Canvas II digital art frame is available in four frame color options that all deliver a stunning anti-glare display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. The frames are built with an ARM Cortex-A17 quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM for a highly responsive and smooth transition mechanism between photos. The frame can be hung horizontally or vertically and will automatically adjust photos to get the best fit. It also has an ambient light sensor that will respond to the brightness of the room and turn the frame off when it doesn’t detect any light. While this digital picture frame is designed to display artwork, users can easily upload their own photos to the Wi-Fi enabled frame using the Meural app, which also works with Amazon Echo and Alexa, enabling users to customize settings, browse their photos and turn on playlists.

Meural Canvas II digital picture frame Image courtesy of Best Buy


7. Feelcare 15.6-Inch Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame


If you’re looking for a picture frame that is big enough to be seen from across the room, we like the Feelcare 15.6-Inch Smart Picture Frame. Feelcare makes their digital photo frame available in three sizes, but the largest grabs our attention for, well, grabbing our attention. A great option for users looking for a frame for a large room or anyone with vision issues, the oversized desk frame can be wall-mounted and displayed in portrait or landscape. Users can upload photos through a USB or SD card or access the frame’s Wi-Fi capabilities. Best of all, friends and family members with access to the frame can send photos and videos from anywhere in the world using the Frameo app. The full HD screen boasts 1920 x 1080 resolution and has touchscreen capabilities for easy setup and use, and the 16GB internal storage lets uers upload thousands of photos and videos.

Feelcare 15.6-Inch Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Aluratek 13-Inch Distressed Wood Digital Photo Frame


For a digital frame that will blend in with more traditional-looking home decor, we like the distressed wood frame from Aluratek. The 13.3-inch frame works with both USB devices and SD cards to display photos on its crisp LCD screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution. The frame will automatically begin displaying photos in slideshow mode and also doubles as a calendar and clock. A remote control makes it easy for customers to set their slideshow to music and auto video play also allows for the display of short clips. We also like that the frame comes with two interchangeable distressed wood frames, making it easy for customers to change up their display or find the option that best fits their space.

Aluratek 13-Inch Distressed Wood Digital Photo Frame Image courtesy of Amazon


Also Consider: Divoom Pixoo Pixel Art Digital Frame


There is no shortage of great digital photo frames available to display your personal photos and videos, but what about when you want to use a frame to create art? In that case, there is the Divoom Pixoo Pixel Art Digital Frame. Using the Divoom app, customers can create their own custom pixel artwork that will instantly be displayed on the digital frame. They can also share their frame with friends and family, who can upload their own artwork to the frame through the app. The app includes built-in tools and tutorials from design experts to help users unlock their creativity and imagination while easily displaying their artwork on the digital frame. Users can also enable notifications on the frame, which will alert them to new messages on their social media channels or check the time and weather.

Divoom digital art frame displayed on wall Image courtesy of Amazon