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5 Best Documentaries to Watch on
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Victor R. Caivano/AP/REX/Shutterstock (7087228a) Amy Winehouse Dated, Jazz Soul singer Amy Winehouse, from England, performs during the Rock in Rio music festival in Arganda del Rey, on the outskirts of Madrid. A new movie entitled "Amy" directed by Asif Kapadia, is scheduled for release on Friday July 3, 2015. Critics love the movie and top performers sing the praises of the late Amy Winehouse, but the singer's father, Mitch Winehouse, says the film has been edited to depict the family as doing too little to help the ephemeral Amy Winehouse overcome addiction Spain Winehouse Documentary, Arganda del Rey, Spain
Photo by Victor R. Caivano/AP/REX/Shutterstock

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It’s hardly new to suggest that life in the world is often stranger than fiction, and there’s probably never been more evidence of that fact than there is right now. So if 2017 has given you a lust for true life and a hunger for something a little more authentic, here are five documentaries you can stream or download on Amazon.

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1. Amy

From the BAFTA-award winning director Asif Kapadia, this moving documentary is full of previously unseen archival footage and rare, intimate glimpses into the world of the late singer, Amy Winehouse. A story years in the making, Amy takes us backstage into the tragic history and vital spirit of one of the true greats of our age. Like the best documentarians, Kapadia lets Winehouse herself do the talking, showing us the iconic singer’s story in her own words.



2. Gimme Danger

Jim Jarmusch directs this documentary about one of the most influential and longest-lasting rock bands, Iggy and the Stooges. Thanks to Iggy’s own vociferous and unique storytelling, Gimme Danger is as gripping as a Stooges song, and carries an exhilarating energy that’s rare in the genre. Taking you from 1960s Ann Arbor to the hot spots of musical revolution in Detroit and New York City, Gimme Danger chronicles the birth of punk rock in America and really makes us want to hang out with Iggy Pop and Jim Jarmusch and listen to their stories. Now, with this doc, you sort of can.

Gimme Danger


3. Nova: Fabric of the Cosmos

This 4-hour series based on the popular book by Brian Greene takes us to edge of infinity to ask the big questions. Great for meditating on, the Fabric of the Cosmos is both beautiful and mysterious. It asks questions about the nature of space, curved and, possibly, finite. It probes the mystery of time: what is it and does it even exist outside of its construction in our own minds? Finally, this smart series takes us into the newly-developing field of quantum mechanics and puzzles over the controversial idea of quantum gravity.

The Fabric of the Cosmos


4. First Peoples

The PBS documentary, First Peoples, takes us around the globe in a search for traces of the earliest humans who walked on each continent. First Peoples shows us exciting new discoveries in the realm of anthropology and paleontology, where thanks to breakthroughs in genetic analysis, the search for our earliest human ancestors can take place not only in digs under the earth but within our own cells.

First Peoples


5. I Am Not Your Negro

Taking its cue from James Baldwin’s unfinished book, “Remember This House,” I Am Not Your Negro is a documentary featuring Samuel L. Jackson and directed by Raoul Peck. Ambitious and earnest, this film aims to weave together the threads of black history in America, connecting the civil rights movement with the ongoing struggle for recognition and humanity, #blacklivesmatter and black representation in American culture. It includes some amazing footage of James Baldwin on the Dick Cavett show as well, and calls attention to the issues at the intersection of class, property, race and identity in America.

I Am Not Your Negro

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