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These DVD Players Make Us Want To Re-Watch All Our Favorite Discs

Streaming services are largely dominating the new and rewatch film market, but DVD players are still worth keeping on hand in case you get the urge to watch any old favorite movies or television series you have collected over the years. DVD’s enhance your entertainment system, allowing you to watch all your favorites with the best image and sound quality available. DVD players can also come in handy if you have kids and have amassed a countless number of Disney DVDs that you will be playing over and over again.

What To Look For In DVD Players

Check out your collection. While regular DVDs can be played on Blu-Ray machines, the opposite isn’t true. If you’ve got Blu-Ray discs, opt for a machine that can handle both.

Look at the resolution. To get the best viewing experience, opt for DVD players with 1080P.

Is sound important? If you don’t already have a sound system set up, look for players with Dolby Digital to help get the best audio experience.

How We Chose The Best DVD Players

Since DVD players are no longer as in demand as they were a few years ago, the price has thankfully dropped to reflect the demand. We’ve included a few price points to help hit every budget and entertainment setup. Below are some of the best systems that come equipped with everything you’ll need, from exceptional resolution and the ability to upscale standard DVDs to HD, to wireless streaming capabilities and even the ability to play and burn CDs and DVDs.

1. Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player

Sony’s DVD Player is a multi-format DVD and CD media player in an ultra-compact design. This basic player has all the playback functions needed in a DVD player and it also allows you to enjoy JPEG slideshows with MP3 background music. In addition, the multi-brand remote control will work with most TV’s so you have the luxury of only using one remote.

Pros: This DVD player comes with Progressive Scan which helps improve picture quality for a finer, smoother picture.

Cons: This product does not come with Ethernet or HDMI ports.

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2. LG BP175 Blu-Ray DVD Player

Bring your DVDs and Blu-Rays to life with the LG BP175 Blu-Ray DVD Player. The playback delivers visuals in rich 1080P full HD. Partnered with high-definition sound, the LG will upscale all DVDs to 1080P using the included six-foot HDMI cable. Users can easily stream CinemaNow, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube and using the included remote control, the player can connect with a variety of sound systems, including DTS, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby TrueHD.

Pros: Upscales DVDs, delivers full 1080P resolution, includes a six-foot HDMI cable.

Cons: Some options are more economical.

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3. Jinhoo DVD Player

Hear your DVDs without the background of a noisy machine using the Jinhoo DVD Player. The shockproof and durable player quickly reads DVDs, CDs and VCDs, as well as MP3s, JPEGs and AVI files. A built-in USB port is ideal for digital and audio files, while the Jinhoo also comes equipped with an HDMI and AV cable. A last-memory function makes continuing to watch movies and DVDs at a later date feel seamless.

Pros: Shockproof and quiet, comes with hookup cables, DVDs and CDs.

Cons: The Jinhoo won’t play Blu-Rays or support USB 3.0 or MP4 playback via USB.

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4. Rioddas External USB 3.0 Portable CD DVD Player

Does your PC or laptop come without a DVD or CD port? No problem. The Rioddas External USB 3.0 Portable CD DVD Player is an affordable and compact player that can play DVDs and CDs, while also burning or rewriting them. The plug-and-play design includes a USB port that is backward compatible with a USB 2.0. Copper mesh technology provides stable data transmission, while a high-speed processor and noise reduction feature make for a pleasant viewing experience.

Pros: Watch or burn CDs or DVDs, compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0, fast processor.

Cons: Users may have some issues with Macs that do not have a USB port since connectors sometimes fail to recognize the player.

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