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New To Playing Electric Guitar? These Kits Give You Everything You Need

It’s easy to look down on “starter kits” as kiddie versions of the “real thing.” But truth be told, no one is born knowing everything about their passions. There was a time before Muhammad Ali first strapped on boxing gloves, and a time before Dorothea Lange knew how to use a camera.

The greats become great through traditional training, trial and error, and putting in their 10,000 hours. Instead of sinking hundreds or thousands of dollars into equipment you know nothing about, a starter kit offers an affordable way to get everything you need when discovering a new hobby, whether that’s photography, record collecting, or anything else. Then, you can upgrade the equipment you have once you find what works for you.

One popular but often expensive hobby is playing music. Fortunately, you don’t have to empty your wallet to live out your dreams of being a rockstar. We’ve found three starter electric guitar kits for beginners. They include most of the equipment you’ll need to get started, including amps, cables, and of course, a six-string.

1. Squier by Fender Short Scale Stratocaster

Squier is a sub-brand of Fender, one of the biggest and most-trusted names in guitars, and these Squier guitars make great entry-level options. This starter set comes with a small amp, an instructional DVD, guitar picks, a strap, and a few other essentials.

Pros: We were impressed by the quality and the beautiful color of the guitar body.

Cons: Unlike the other options, this one is not shipped with a carrying case.

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2. Davison Black Electric Guitar with Amp

Bereft of options, left-handed guitarists like Jimi Hendrix often resort to flipping their guitar upside down to play. Fortunately, Davison has not overlooked left-handed players. They offer both left and right-handed guitars. This kit includes a guitar, amp, strap, tuner, cable, carrying case, and picks.

Pros: Available for left-handed guitarists, amp includes a headphone jack for quiet practicing.

Cons: Tuner isn’t the best.

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3. Best Choice Products Beginner Electric Guitar

Like the Davison, this kit comes with a carrying case, an amp, a strap, and picks. They also throw in spare strings and a whammy bar. The guitar is available in several different colors as well.

Pros: Only option that comes with a spare set of strings.

Cons: Case could be sturdier.

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