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Mood-Boosting Movies: 5 Feel-Good Films to Lift Your Spirits

* Tune out of the craziness for a few hours and put on a good movie
* A funny or poignant film is like a warm, comforting bowl of soup
* Get immediate, high-quality access and stream these flicks online tonight

We all have our go-to films. You know, the ones that make us laugh, cry and quote back every line with the characters on screen. In times of chaos and noise, a favorite movie can be like good comfort food – warm, enveloping and guaranteed to make you feel better, no matter what you’re going through.

Tonight, tune out the news — and your social media — and put on a nice movie instead. (Other things you might need: a cozy blanket and some healthy snacks). Whether you’re seeing these films for the first time, or they’re on regular rotation on your screens, there’s no better time to revisit these feel-good flicks.

1. Love Actually

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll fall in love and cry some more. Love Actually may take place around Christmastime, but it’s one of those films you can watch year-round. With an all-star cast whose storylines are seemingly magically intertwined, you’ll root for your faves while being reminded that a) everything happens for a reason and b) love will always win out in the end.


2. The Princess Bride

Believe it or not, The Princess Bride just celebrated its 30th anniversary — yet another reason to re-visit Westley, Princess Buttercup and Prince Humperdinck. Little known fact: director Rob Reiner was inspired to make the movie after his father, Carl, gave him a copy of William Goldman’s original book of the same name. Full of memorable scenes and quote-worthy lines (you know the one), The Princess Bride continues to be a fan — and family — favorite, three decades after its release.

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3. Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins celebrated its 50th anniversary just a few years ago and remains one of the most beloved classics of all time. (In fact, we’d argue that anything by Julie Andrews deserves a spot on this list).


4. Mean Girls

Though it was released in 2004, so much of Mean Girls still holds up to this day, from its biting critique on social cliques, to its pointed zingers about race and perception. The film’s popularity is so enduring, that a musical version has been confirmed and is set to hit Broadway in the spring. Also: Anything. Tina. Fey. Does. Makes.

. . .


5. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

This movie blissfully captures the style, music and free-spirited attitude of the 80s, while providing a nice distraction from the heaviness of the current times we’re living in. Watch it for the nostalgia, for the good vibes or just to escape. After all, we all need a day off every now and then too, right?

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