Best Gaming Glasses That Reduce Eye Strain So You Can Keep Playing Fortnite

best gaming glasses
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Do you ever feel like your eyes are going to fall out of your head after a long gaming session? The good thing about that rather awful feeling is there is a simple solution: Gaming glasses.

These glasses do more than save your eyes from fatigue. By protecting your eyes from harmful blue light rays, you can actually reduce migraines, headaches, blurry vision and improve the quality of your sleep. But if all you care about is keeping your vision sharp so you can stay king of the castle in Fortnite, yeah, they do that, too.

While there are a lot of blue light glasses for sale today, there are also products designed specifically with gamers in mind. The best gaming glasses have a number of known benefits:

  • The best gaming glasses feature an ergonomic design that supports extended use during e-sports competitions and marathon gaming sessions
  • Reduce blue light input to the eyes, thus minimizing disruption to your body’s natural sleep cycle and melatonin production
  • Promote visual acuity by reducing screen glare and blurring
  • Create a yellow tint that can make colors in the game appear clearer
  • A stylish design that won’t make you look like a complete tool

Keep your vision sharp and stop digital eye strain with the best glasses for gaming below:


1. Gunnar Intercept Gaming Glasses

When you take your vision as seriously as your gaming, going with doctor recommended gaming glasses is the way to go. The Gunner Intercept Gaming Glasses come with 65% blue-light-blocking lenses that are slightly tinted yellow. Through the Gunnar website, you can pair the frames with less or more powerful blue-blocking lenses that range from clear to dark amber. If you want to continue to reign supreme during late-night battle royales in Fortnite, we recommend a pair of Gunnar glasses.

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2. Livho Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Protect your eyes and look great while doing it. Livho Blue Light Blocking Glasses provide a little more stylistic approach to relieving eye strain from working all day in front of a computer and long gaming sessions. These don’t sport the yellowish tint or dark amber frames, but they still help relieve eye strain and fatigue with UV400 glare reduction.

best gaming glasses livho Courtesy of Amazon

3. Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

With slightly amber tinted lenses, the Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses reduce the amount of eye strain you experience when you’ve been marathoning Call of Duty or staring at spreadsheets all day long. The lenses provide UV400 glare reduction while the TR90 frames use a durable nylon material to protect them from wear and tear.

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4. HyperX Gaming Eyewear

Sporting clear lenses, the HyperX Gaming Eyewear glasses look good enough to wear outside. The frames resemble the shape and thinness of Ray-Ban New Wayfarer shades (the slim ones), while the MR-8 lens material protects your eyes without causing color distortion (yellow tint). These gaming glasses are a stylish way to protect your eyes while keeping colors looking the same.

best gaming glasses hyperx Courtesy of Amazon

5. TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Fashionable and practical are two common words used when looking through the 8,800 Amazon user reviews for these shades. The frames come in 10 different colors and are lightweight and abrasion-resistant. The lenses are slightly tinted and block harmful light wavelengths to relieve eye stress. And the best part, they’re an inexpensive eye relief solution.

best gaming glasses TIJN Courtesy of Amazon

6. J+S Vision Blue Light Gaming Glasses

For zero magnification and low color distortion, the J+S Vision Blue Light Gaming Glasses are a prime choice. Color distortion stays low by allowing unharmful blue light through while blocking 90% of the harmful stuff. Plus, you get to select between five different frame styles and seven different colors, so you can match your personal style while staying protected.

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7. Gameking Computer Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Available in four different styles, the Gameking Blue Blocking Glasses use TR90 frames — like the Gamma Ray glasses — to reduce wear and tear. The slightly tinted lenses filter out roughly 82% of harmful light rays, keeping your eyes sharp during long nights with the squad. Besides the GK300 model, which have plain black frames, most of the frames have some sort of writing or design on them, to show off your inner geek. Overall, these are an inexpensive solution to get rid of headaches and sleep better at night after long periods in front of the TV or computer.

best gaming glasses Courtesy of Amazon
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