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Amp Your Online Style With the EasySMX Gaming Headset for PC

Game on! EasySMX brings you the EasySMX Gaming Headset. Stunning in appearance, this gaming headset for PC features a high precision 50-mm magnetic neodymium driver, ensuring top quality audio throughout every audible frequency.

Perfect for full immersion gaming, the EasySMX Gaming Headset provides a fully vivid sound field with crystal clarity and wonderful ambient noise isolation.

Ergonomically made to fit any head size from child to adult, the fully adjustable, padded headband provides gamers a comfortable experience. The breathable air cushions help remove pressure build-up or excess heat during long-term use so that players can fully focus on the game at hand.

Connectivity comes in the form of two 3.5-mm audio connectors. The adjustable microphone gives you the freedom to use the headphones unaffected by the microphone or remain quiet during periods of play.

You’ll also find external LED lights on the ear cups and microphone to provide a deep sense of purpose and serious atmosphere during intense gaming. Alternatively, you may use these lights to signal others that you should not be disturbed.

To prevent kinks and promote durability, the EasySMX Gaming Headset features braided wires. A velcro cable tie, rotary volume control, and one key microphone control add to the impressive usability of these beautifully crafted gaming headphones.

At about $25 dollars, there are very few reasons not to own a pair of these stunningly crafted, intuitively designed, and built-to-last gaming headsets. The EasySMX Gaming Headset is a cut above the rest.

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