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We Didn’t Know How Fun Our Games Were Until We Got These Gaming Speakers

Gaming headsets are often the preference for PC gamers; they’re arguably the best way to get the immersive experience that top-of-the-line games offer. But they’re not without drawbacks. Sitting with headphones for several hours can start to get uncomfortable, so it’s nice to be able to get a complete audio experience without having to wear a weighty headset. Gaming speakers can offer incredible sound, and, unlike gaming headsets, you can easily use them for other things like watching movies or listening to music.

What to Consider Before Buying Gaming Speakers

Space is naturally an important consideration when choosing gaming speakers — you might only have a small desk, so you might not be able to overload it with speakers. Audio quality is crucial as well, so it can be good to look for options that include a separate subwoofer for the best bass response.

How We Chose the Best Gaming Speakers

We’ve selected a few great speaker sets, including options that are specifically designed for gaming as well as surround sound speakers that work for TVs and monitors. We turned to computer brands like Logitech and gaming companies like Razer to find the best options. These are some of our favorite gaming speakers to buy right now.

1. Razer Leviathan Gaming Speakers

Razer specializes in gaming gear, and this simple subwoofer and soundbar combo is a great option for your gaming PC or for music listening. The soundbar is wireless, and it uses aptX and NFC technology to ensure seamless connections that keep you in the game. It’s also great for watching shows and movies on your computer. This speaker has a simple and clean design, eschewing an overly gamer-y look.

Pros: Space-saving soundbar setup. Sleek design. Wireless option.

Cons: Lack of ability to adjust bass.

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2. Cyber Acoustics Bluetooth Speakers with LED Lights

This set features customizable lights. The lights don’t sync to the game you’re playing, but you’ll have a variety of colors to pick from with the touch of a button. Plus, these speakers feature Bluetooth connectivity.

Pros: Affordable, good sound quality.

Cons: Subwoofer is small, so the bass isn’t as deep or strong as other options.

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3. Redragon PC Gaming Speaker

For an economical and space-saving speaker, consider this option from Redragon. The 2.0 channel speaker is easy to set up on even the smallest desks. It has a stylish design with a red backlight. There’s also a convenient volume knob on the front of the unit to easily control the sound.

Pros: Economical option. Eye-catching design with red lighting. Space-saving and compact.

Cons: Bass could be better.

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4. Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

If you’re looking for an immersive audio experience, without the light show, this option from Logitech is a great way to go. The 5.1 channel system includes five speakers, plus the subwoofer, so you can enjoy immersive audio. Plus, Dolby Digital and THX ensure cinema quality sound. While it is designed as a home theater system, it’s a great option for a PC gaming setup — that’s because you can connect up to six devices.

Pros: Can be connected with up to six devices. Immersive THX sound. Multiple connection options.

Cons: May not be ideal for smaller desks.

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