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Crank Up the Volume with These Gaming Speakers

When it comes to video gaming, it’s all about having the best. So whether it’s in graphics, speed, having top-of-the-line products is critical to making the experience of gaming all the more rewarding. After all, if you spent a bunch of hard work building a gaming laptop or even investing in a pre-built unit, you’re going to want to make sure your favorite games can sound as good as possible. This is why investing in a set of gaming speakers might be something to consider.

Much like typical computer speakers of old, gaming speakers typically sit on your desk next to your gaming monitor or gaming tower to ensure you get the best sound. After all, nothing is more satisfying in a game than hearing the sound of a gun firing or the swipe of a sword.

If you’re in the market to take your sound up a notch, these are gaming speakers worth purchasing right now — our selections, below.

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1. Logitech G560 Gaming Speakers


Logitech remains a force in the gaming space because of how well crafted their products and accessories are, and the G560 gaming speakers are among the best the brand has to offer. With included RGB lighting that’s built to compliment your existing gaming setup and the game you’re playing (the visual will pulse and extend colors of the game on your display onto the speakers themselves), the output of the G560 is big and bold, thanks to a boost from DTS: X virtual surround sound. The combination of the incredible visual experience and the impressive sound make this our top pick.

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2. Razer Nommo Gaming Speakers


While Razer’s Nommo Gaming Speakers look more like a web camera than a set of speakers, they’re more than capable of giving you the gaming sound you want and crave during your sessions, thanks to an optimized set of drivers included in the unit. These drivers allow for a full sound range with a greater depth of clarity than other speakers. Plus, positioning them close to your wall allows for the bass output to maximize its potential. And while they do have an RGB output, it’s located at the bottom of the unit for a more subtle effect.

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3. Creative Labs Creative Pebble Gaming Speakers


If you don’t want any fancy features like cool RGB lighting but instead want a set of gaming speakers that sound great without costing a lot, we highly recommend the Creative Pebble Gaming Speakers from Creative Labs. Despite their compact, petite size, the Pebble speakers produce a pretty significant output, one that’s clear (even with the volume cranked up). So if you’ve invested all of your budget in building a killer rig and need something to hold you off until you can save up, these are your best bet.

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4. LG UltraGear GP9 Soundbar Gaming Speaker


Soundbars exist as a staple for your television, so there’s no reason they shouldn’t exist for your console or even PC gaming setup, too. LG’s UltraGear GP9 gaming soundbar makes for a great all-in-one solution should you not want to invest in a set of speakers. The 3D surround sound fills your space nicely or can be connected through a headphone jack to provide 7.1 surround sound. However, the best feature is the fact the GP9 is actually wireless, providing all this fantastic sound via Bluetooth, meaning you can move it around to wherever you need to be to provide the best sound for you.

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5. GOgroove BassPULSE Gaming Speakers


Looking to infuse your gaming space with products that look like they were part of Tron‘s production design? Look no further than these incredibly arresting gaming speakers from GOgroove. Complete with a plastic-colored accent, these speakers look cool, bolstered by an impressive soundstage that includes a bass-heavy subwoofer. The BassPULSE speakers also allow for various inputs and connections, making it versatile past its use for gaming.

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6. Edifier G2000 Gaming Speakers


Edifier’s G2000 makes for a solid mid-tier set of gaming speakers thanks to their included back mega bass port, full-range production, and 32W of total peak power. Switches on the lefthand side of the speaker have the ability to toggle through RGB settings as well various EQ modes to help you dial in the sound you’re looking for. Plus, the speakers themselves are small yet powerful enough to only take up a minimal amount of space on your desk. Considering how many other things may end up on your desk when it comes to PC gaming, that’s a feature that’s worth its weight in gold.

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7. Bose Companion 2 Gaming Speakers


Sometimes you don’t need fancy bells and whistles in your gaming speakers, but rather, something you know will be reliable, time and time again. The Bose Companion 2 gaming speakers can be, well, your companion in that sense, as they’re more than capable of producing (time and time again) a fantastic sounding output no matter what you’re using them for, thanks to Bose’s superior audio technology. As a result, you’ll get a crisp, clear sound every time, which will be nice when you’re firing up a chainsaw in Gears 5 or fending off foes in Warzone.

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