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10 Best Gifts for Twin Peaks Fans

* Twin Peaks: The Return is already halfway through the season
* Since the series debut in May, 3.1 million viewers have tuned in according to Showtime
* For fans of all levels, here are some of the best Twin Peaks-themed gifts

David Lynch and Mark Frost’s cult 90s series, Twin Peaks, drew in some serious fans when it first aired in 1990 on ABC, and despite being cancelled after just two seasons, a small group of ardent fans have persisted throughout the years, following its cryptic ending in 1991 keeping the show on the radar. When it was released on Netflix in the 2000s, a new generation of millennial viewers tuned in for the campy aesthetic and tawdry horror-meets-soap opera inspired tropes.

Now, with the long awaited third season The Return nearly halfway through, there are plenty of new fans who may or may not have even seen the original series, but fell victim to the show’s uncanny world in the new Showtime version.

Given Twin Peaks: The Return’s rocky start following the revival announcement in 2014, the fact that the third season even made it into production is reason enough to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than with some Twin Peaks-inspired merch? It’s easy to find mass produced Twin Peaks shirts, but we’ve found some unique gift ideas for the Twin Peaks fan in your life, that they probably haven’t seen before.

1. Audrey Horne Greeting Card

This “Welcome to Twin Peaks” greeting card features an original illustration of none other than the brunette bombshell, Audrey Horne. Original artwork by artist Estelle Morris.

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2. The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer

Written by David Lynch’s daughter, Jennifer Lynch, this 1990 spin-off novel helped fill the void for some fans after the series’ abrupt cancellation. Written from the point of view of the slain homecoming queen, the diary chronicles Palmer’s life from age 12 to 17, offering clues to the identity of her killer, insights, and character references.


3. Double R Diner Mug

Even though the beautiful Norma Jennings or Shelly Johnson won’t be serving your cup of joe with a slice of pie on the side each morning, this RR Diner logo coffee mug will show off Twin Peaks pride, if nothing else.


4. One Eyed Jacks Neon Shirt

There are plenty of official Twin Peaks graphic tee shirts on the market these days, but this one features a rare, graphic screen print of the enigmatic One Eyed Jack’s logo with an impressively convincing neon signage effect. True fans will appreciate the rare imagery of this tee-shirt and the subtle nod to one of the show’s lesser known settings.


 5. Twin Peaks Action Figures

Action figure aren’t just children’s toys anymore. These quirky figurines are surprisingly accurately depicted. This set comes complete with the main stars of the show: a plastic-wrapped Laura, Agent Coop with his coffee, the Log Lady, and of course Killer BOB.


6. Twin Peaks Pillow Cover

Yet another way to integrate the show into your home environment, this Society6 illustrated pillow features original cartoon illustrations of some of the show’s most prominent motifs. Snuggle up!


7. Black Lodge Inspired Rug

True fans of the series will love how this black-and-white chevron printed area rug closely resembles the carpeting in the Black Lodge.


8. Angelo Badalmenti Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Soundtrack (Vinyl)

Angelo Badalmenti worked closely with Lynch on the soundtrack for both the series and the film sequel, 1992’s Fire Walk With Me. Baldalmenti’s eerie score adds to the cinematic quality of the show, but his chilling compositions are just as moving when listened to outside of the show’s context as well. This record comes in director- approved sleeve notes and a wall art-worthy cover. You can also find it on

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9. Twin Peaks Skateboard Deck

Whether you’re into shredding or not, this graphic skateboard deck will make a great mode of transportation or look neat hung on your wall. Habitat’s line of Twin Peaks skateboards also includes decks featuring graphics with Shelley Johnson, Agent Cooper,

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[caption id="attachment_60574" align="aligncenter" width="607"]Twin Peaks Skateboard Deck Habitat Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


10. A Stay at “The Great Northern” Hotel

The Great Northern Hotel is the fictional (kind of) hotel owned by Ben Horne. The hotel does indeed exist—it’s just run under a different name. Surprise fans with the gift of a lifetime and book a stay at the Salish Lodge & Spa, where the opening scene of the original series was shot.

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Image courtesy of Salish Lodge & Spa[/caption]

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