These Essential GoPro Accessories Will Help You Make the Most of Your Action Camera

best gopro accessories
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Thanks to their versatility, impressive ruggedness, compact size and high image quality, GoPros have established themselves as one of the most accessible camera options available. Both photographers and videographers, young and old, love these user-friendly devices. But, if you’re truly going to make the most of your action camera and shoot social media-worthy photos and videos on your next trip, you need to kit yourself out with some of the best GoPro accessories.

When it comes to available GoPro accessories, if you can think of it, it probably exists. However, that doesn’t mean every idea is a good one. To help you cut through the less-than-inspiring, here are some of the best GoPro accessories which are worth checking out. Whether they are right for you will depend on what activities you like doing. Our favorite GoPro accessories include:

  • Floating Handle
  • Selfie Stick/Tripod Combo
  • Chest Mount
  • Remote Control
  • Diving Case (30+ Meters)
  • Dive Rig
  • Dive Light
  • Multi-battery Charger

Another thing worth remembering is that if you have a GoPro subscription, you receive a number of handy benefits including:

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Access to Premium Editing Tools
  • Exclusive GoPro Discounts
  • No-Questions-Asked Camera Replacement
  • Live Streaming Capabilities

So, expand your GoPro’s capabilities and use your action camera to the fullest with these adventure-ready accessories. We’ve included all kinds of extras to suit everyone’s needs, from general travelers to extreme sports athletes.


1. GoPro Floating Handle


If there is one accessory to add to your GoPro setup, it’s the GoPro Floating Handle. Even when you’re not in the water, this foam handle makes carrying your GoPro more comfortable. When in the water, the handle keeps your GoPro afloat so you can film in pools, lakes or in the sea without the worry of your device sinking. In addition, the wrist tether keeps your device close at hand, while the bright-orange cap makes it easier to spot on the water’s surface, should it escape your grasp.

best gopro accessories - GoPro Floating Handle Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Forevercam Aluminum Tripod Mount Adapter


The Forevercam Aluminum Tripod Mount Adapter is a great option if you already own a traditional tripod and want to mount your GoPro on it. The high-quality adapter screws onto any standard 1/4-20 tripod stud and lets you attach any GoPro. The adapter provides added versatility to your setup by allowing you to turn any standard tripod, selfie stick or any camera accessory with a standard tripod mount into a GoPro-capable one.

best gopro accessories - Forevercam Aluminum Tripod Mount Adapter Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Trehapuva Selfie Stick


At under $12, the Trehapuva Selfie Stick is a budget-friendly and simple answer to selfie-ing with your GoPro. The telescopic stick is surprisingly well constructed for its price point and includes a rubberized handle and wrist tether for greater comfort and security. It features a built-in, GoPro-compatible mount so it’s ready to go straight out of the box.

best gopro accessories trehapuva selfie stick Image courtesy of Amazon


4. TELESIN Bag Backpack Shoulder Strap Mount


If you love capturing every minute of every adventure, or want a convenient way to mount your GoPro during extreme activities, the TELESIN Bag Backpack Shoulder Strap Mount could be your answer. This popular mount comes backed by over 1,200 five-star ratings and includes the mount, a J-hook and a screw. Additionally, if you like a little more flexibility in your filming style, the mount is available in a version that can rotate 360 degrees.

best gopro accessories telesin bag backpack mount Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Vicdozia Surfboard Mount


The Vicdozia Surfboard Mount is a versatile mount that is great for kayaking and boating, too. The rugged GoPro mount lets your action camera hang 10 and capture stunning close-ups and POV footage as you ride the waves or navigate your way through the white water. The 10-piece kit includes two surfboard mounts, two tethers, two tether straps and a number of plugs, clips and screws.

best gopro accessories vicdozia surfboard mount Image courtesy of Amazon


8. GoPro Weekender Backpack


When you’re out and about you’re going to need a way to carry your GoPro and all your other essentials. In short, you’re going to need the GoPro Weekender Backpack. This high-quality pack sports a compact yet well-thought-out design with enough space for your camera, some accessories and other necessities, like clothing or food. It features a number of different pockets, including a top-mounting pocket for your camera gear, a front-mounting pocket for larger items and a number of hidden pockets, which are great for storing important documents.

weekender backpack gopro Image courtesy of GoPro


7. GoPro Grab Bag


The GoPro grab bag includes a variety of the most useful mounts to expand your range of GoPro possibilities. The kit includes a number of adhesive mounts, buckles and screws which allow you to capture different POV action shots. Plus, you know you’ll always have spare screws and fixtures should the originals go missing.

gopro grab bag Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Amazon Basics Monopod


If you love capturing higher views or often find yourself limited by the crowd of people standing in front of you, this Amazon Basics Monopod could be the godsend you’ve been asking for. At 67 inches long, the pole provides plenty of height or distance for capturing your unique view. It also includes a cushioned handle for greater in-hand comfort as well as a wrist tether for security.

amazon basics monopod Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Neewer 50-in-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit


At under $35 and with 50 accessories inside, the Neewer 50-in-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit is truly hard to beat. From a range of handy mounts and fixtures to a travel case and a tripod, with this kit in your backpack, there are not many shots you won’t be able to capture. Plus, the kit comes backed by over 25,000 five-star ratings and makes a great gift idea for friends or family who own a GoPro.

neewer action camera accessory kit Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Movo GB-U80 Underwater Diving Rig


Shooting stable footage underwater is a tough task for even the most experienced videographers. Adding the Movo GB-U80 Underwater Diving Rig to your setup gives your hands more to hold onto when filming, resulting in better quality footage. The rig, which is available in two different sizes, also makes it harder to drop or misplace your camera when at home or out on an adventure.

movo gb underwater diving rig Image courtesy of Amazon


11. GoPro ChestyPerformance Chest Mount


The GoPro ChestyPerformance Chest Mount is a comfortable and easy way to record everything going on in front of you. No matter whether you’re enjoying a day at a theme park or biking down a near-vertical mountain, this chest mount makes documenting your experience simple. The design includes a lightweight and flexible construction to maximize comfort when on, while the fully adjustable straps ensure a secure fit, even if it’s over a heavy winter jacket.

chestyperformance chest mount Image courtesy of GoPro


12. Suptig Waterproof Light


With this Suptig Waterproof Light mounted to your diving setup, you can shine into the depths and use your GoPro to capture some stunning underwater footage. The light is rated up to 45 meters deep and comes with two rechargeable batteries. The device lets you choose between three different lighting modes. In the brightest mode, you’ll enjoy up to three hours of lighting, which is ideal for multi-dive days. In SOS mode, the light can last for up to eight hours.

suptig waterproof light Image courtesy of Amazon


13. GoPro HERO9 Black Bite Mouth Mount + Floaty


Optimized for POV capture of aquatic adventures, this GoPro HERO9 Black Bite Mouth Mount + Floaty lets you hold your GoPro without using your hands. Simply bite down on the mouth-shaped mount to capture a head-level view of what’s going on. Additionally, this versatile piece of kit includes a quick-release mount built into the other end. You’ll also find a handy floaty, which sits around your camera and allows access to the touch screen while also providing greater security in watery environments.

hero9 black bite mount Image courtesy of GoPro


14. BLAVOR Solar Power Bank and Portable Charger


A portable battery pack, like this BLAVOR Solar Power Bank and Portable Charger, is practically an adventure must-have. In this 10,000 mAh-capacity device, you’ll find enough juice to charge a GoPro battery a few times over. Furthermore, this multi-functioning device includes a dual flashlight, compass and solar panels, allowing it to charge in remote locations.

blavor solar power bank Image courtesy of Amazon


15. GoPro Dual Battery Charger


Don’t let a dead battery spoil your adventure filming. The GoPro Dual Battery Charger conveniently charges two GoPro batteries at once, so you can have your main battery and spare both ready to go for hours of uninterrupted recording. To reinforce just how well received this compact charger is, it’s worth noting it has positive ratings from over 95% of Amazon users. This style of charger is also available for other GoPro models.

dual battery charger Image courtesy of Amazon


16. SOONSUN Dome Port


If you love those half in, half out images that show above and below the water in a single shot, you need to add this SOONSUN Dome Port to your setup. The dome comes with a floating handle and fits around the front of your camera, letting you capture sharper images underwater. The smart device also includes two built-in filters which can be rotated through when they are required. They are a red filter for color correction in deeper waters and a 10X close-up macro filter.

soonsun dome port Image courtesy of Amazon


17. GoPro Zeus MiniMagnetic Swivel Clip Light


When darkness descends, make sure you always have the GoPro Zeus MiniMagnetic Swivel Clip Light in your kit. This multi-purpose light can be used for filming or as a general light for working in the dark. The fitting includes a magnetic clip as well as a powerful clamp. Additionally, the light is waterproof to 10 meters, lets you choose between four levels of brightness and swivels over 360 degrees to achieve the exact angle you desire.

zeus mini gopro Image courtesy of GoPro


18. GoPro 3-Way 2.0


This GoPro 3-Way 2.0 is a versatile addition to any GoPro camera kit. The smart design allows you to choose between a standard GoPro handle, a multi-position selfie stick and a tripod. That means, with this single piece of kit in your bag, you can take multiple video styles, including selfies, group photos and time-lapses. Additionally, you’ll find a built-in ball joint that lets the camera head roll in multiple directions to give you the exact camera position you’re after.

3 way 2.0 gopro tripod pole Image courtesy of GoPro


19. GoPro Smart Remote


This GoPro Smart Remote allows you to control your GoPro camera from up to 180 meters away in optimal conditions. Featured controls include switching your device on and off, adjusting your camera settings, capturing photos and starting and stopping video recording. It’s waterproof up to 10 meters deep, so you never need to worry about the weather. Plus, it’s wearable thanks to the included velcro wristband.

gopro remote control Image courtesy of GoPro


20. GoPro HERO9 Black Max Lens Mod


Get more out of your camera’s lens with the GoPro HERO9 Black Max Lens Mod. It allows you to get even wider shots with its 155-degree field of view and greater depth of field, which is ideal for extreme sports or adventures when your standard lens just can’t capture enough. It also allows you to lock your camera on a horizontal or vertical axis, so even if you move away from your chosen orientation, your camera won’t. Plus, Max HyperSmooth stabilization delivers even greater video stabilization up to 2.7K60.

hero9 max lens mod Image courtesy of GoPro


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