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SPY Guide: The 6 Best GoPro Mounts for Adventurous Photographers

* Installing a GoPro mount helps keep your camera more secure and videos more stable 
* Some mounts are made for flexibility, while other mounts are meant for action shots
* Take the time to choose a mount based on your specific needs

Sure, GoPros are awesome, but there’s always the issue of how you use it. After all, having the right mount can make all the difference between a vibin’ video and a wobbly mess. Whether it’s bikes or waves, or just pretty pics you’re into, check out these six mount options.

1. The Durable Suction Cup Mount

Need to place your GoPro somewhere a little more…sticky? This suction mount is great for windows, glass and other smooth surfaces. With two adjustable 180-degree rotation angles, this suction mount is best used in conjunction with non-impact activities.


2. The Flexible Shoulder Harness

This elastic shoulder strap takes a more ergonomic approach to keeping your GoPro secure. Featuring a fully adjustable shoulder strap and a connection plate to help keep your camera steady, this shoulder mount is great for skiers, mountain bikers and other adventure enthusiasts who are looking for a safe and comfortable way to keep their cams in full view.


3. The Bike Handlebar Mount

This easy-to-install bike mount is perfect for bikers and motorcyclists. With universal GoPro HERO compatibility, this bike mount securely clips onto your handlebars, measures roughly 33 cm long and offers a more stabilized camera mount. Simply remove the screws, attach the mount, secure it and you’re ready to ride.

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4. The Ball Joint Buckle

The GoPro ball joint buckle makes it easier to capture every twist and turn. With universal GoPro compatibility, this officially licensed mount lets you adjust your camera on the go. You can even reverse it mid-motion. A mounted buckle is included for extra stability.


5. The Accessory Starter Kit

Whatever your GoPro needs, this accessory kit covers it. Featuring an adjustable chest strap, head strap, bicycle clip and a handlebar mounting kit, this kit covers all the bases. While this kit isn’t officially licensed, it’s a great bang for your buck.


6. The 3-Way Grip

This versatile GoPro grip also works as an arm extension and tripod. Featuring a sleek waterproof design, this grip was made to be used. Take advantage of an included mini tripod and turn your GoPro into a full-fledged camera and enjoy POV shots, static movies and more.

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