Trusted Tones: The 5 Best Harman Kardon Speakers You Can Buy on Amazon

Harman Kardon soundsticks modern art speaker
Modern art speaker design Harman Kardon
Courtesy of Amazon

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* Portable speakers and home audio from Harman Kardon
* 65-years of outstanding sound quality and beautiful design
* Bluetooth and wired models

For music lovers, Harman Kardon has long made speakers that speak to the soul. Known for their rich, warm and organic sound quality, as well as their outstanding visual design, these are some of the highest-rated home audio and portable speakers on the market. Even if you don’t know a transducer from a transistor, you may still know Harman Kardon or HK, as it’s sometimes called, as the optional OEM sound system upgrade in certain cars. Since at least the mid-2000s, Harman Kardon speakers have been a selling point on the higher trim levels of BMW’s 3-series. So if you’re looking for unique listening options or for some portable Bluetooth enabled speakers, you can get that noted Harman Kardon quality without having to go out and buy a mid-2000s BMW 3-series. You can find these Harman Kardon speakers on Amazon, and they’re much cheaper, and easier to maintain, than a German car.


1. Soundsticks

The gorgeous design of this speaker set earned it a place in the Museum of Modern Art, and the Harman Kardon Soundsticks sounds as good as they look. With 4 full-range transducers per channel and one 6” low-frequency, and a 20W transducer for profound bass to match its high art status, the Soundsticks epitomize strong form and function.

HK soundsticks Courtesy Amazon


2. GO+ Play Mini

A Bluetooth speaker with dual-mic conferencing capability, echo cancellation and room-filling sound, the GO+Play Mini gives your mobile device, tablet or computer a big voice.

GO Play Mini Courtesy Amazon


3. Onyx 5

With a beautiful design that looks like something inspired by Brancusi or one of those wonderful brutalist Eastern European monuments, this 50W Bluetooth speaker gives you fittingly monumental sound.

Harman Kardon onyx 5 Courtesy Amazon


4. Onyx 4

This stylish Harman Kardon speaker comes with wireless Bluetooth pairing for two devices at a time as well as one-touch Siri or Google Now capability. The satellite-esque Onyx Studio 4 can also connect with others of its kind to deliver room-filling surround sound.

Harman Kardon bluetooth speaker onyx 4 Courtesy Amazon


5. Citation 300

The Harman Kardon Citation 300 delivers beautiful and space-filling sound, while also adding to your home, office or studio’s visual aesthetic thanks to its space-age industrial design. Plus, while each speaker is plenty impressive on its own, they can be paired for a cinematic surround sound experience.

harmon kardon citation 300 speaker Courtesy Amazon


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