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Get This $7 Headphone Hanger and Never Wonder Where Your Headphones Are Again

* Save space and keep clutter at bay on your work space
* Hangs your headphones so they’re safe from damage and easily accessible
* Minimalist design looks stylish hung from your desk or furniture pieces

Regardless of how great your headphones’ sound quality is or how stylish they are, they’re still big, bulky, and they tend to get in the way. But if you just set them down on your desk, they risk getting knocked over and damaged. So what are you going to do? Well, hang in there. No, seriously. Just hang those headphones on the AMOVEE Headphone Hanger. Now, they have their own safe space while also saving you extra room on desktop space.

All you have to do is stick the Amovee under your desk and it stays right there. Best of all, the adhesive doesn’t damage furniture. Your headphones will hang safe until you’re ready to wear them, and your work space will clean, organized, and clutter-free.

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This hanger is also super sturdy, so you can be sure they won’t drop. The Amovee is also made from high quality acrylic material with a smooth bent edge design, which looks super-stylish on display in your home or office.

Something like this is particularly handy if you have a small apartment. You can attach it to bookshelves, under cabinets, or wherever you see fit. They’re especially great for dorm rooms and small studios as well.