5 Best Apps to Keep Tabs on Your Home

home Surveillance
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In the digital age, the ways in which to keeps tabs on what happens at home while you’re away are always increasing. A good place to start is with apps that are specially designed for just that purpose. In addition to providing piece of mind, you can also rest easy knowing that apps are constantly being updated to patch security concerns and to enhance and strengthen existing features. Auto-updating an app is much easier than buying a new device every three months.

But which home security app should you download? We’ve scoped out the best apps for surveying your home and narrowed it down to this short list.

1. AtHome Video Streamer

From iChano comes the world’s most trusted IP camera, video surveillance and home security app. You can use it as a baby monitor, pet camera, nanny camera, etc.. It works with virtually all smart devices, and powerful encryption technology and P2P transfer make it more secure. Among the key features: the ability to schedule recordings, email and push notifications, remote capture and two-way talk, using the built-in mic in your camera.

AtHome Video Streamer


2. Ivideon Video Surveillance

While many surveillance apps require expert knowledge and experience, Ivideon is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. All you have to do is install the app and connect your camera(s). Then start watching what happens in your office or home in real time — with sound. Ivideon is the first international cloud-based video surveillance web service, allowing you to access both live video feeds and your recorded video archive. The app also sends push notifications to your phone every time suspicious activity or motion is detected.

Ivideon Video Surveillance


3. Mobile Video Surveillance

This app from iCamSpy turns not only smartphones, but also almost any PC or notebook with webcam and microphone into a feature-rich mobile audio and video surveillance system with motion detection in less than one minute. Use it as a burglar alarm, baby or pets monitor, spy on your friends and family, or monitor your business in real-time. iCamSpy is the only app that provides live video surveillance over 2G/3G/4G mobile networks; all other apps usually require a WiFi connection to work.

Mobile Video Surveillance


4. LiveLine Mobile

Access your LiveLine cameras from your smartphone or tablet with this app. Not only will you be able to view live images, but it also lets you save snapshots to your phone, see your camera list and camera status, view your event list and instantly watch recorded footage. The app also provides access to pan/tilt features to make sure you’re getting a full view of what’s happening at home.

LiveLine Mobile


5. Watch+

This app lets you enjoy both HD video conferencing and video surveillance functionality for any Android Device. It works on smart TV’s too.


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