Speaker Synesthesia: The 4 Best iHome Color Changing Speakers

iHome Color Changing Speaker
iHome splash proof speaker

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* iHome speakers in different shapes and sizes
* Chameleon colors and clear sound quality
* Wireless Bluetooth music streaming

These top iHome speakers give you a taste of synesthesia with their color changing nature and rich sound quality. Synesthesia is a mysterious phenomenon in which you might “hear” colors or “see” sounds. Some synaesthetes even associate textures with words or sounds, or they might perceive the “taste” of an image.

Of course, as language attests, some degree of synesthesia is quite common, and maybe even universal: our ways of describing music and sound are full of words borrowed from the emotions and the other senses. We have “warm” bass, “cold” dissonance and most producers know what you mean when you say a “sparkly” synth sound. Synesthesia is apparently associated with increased creativity, too.

So bring some sensory overflow into your home audio program and summon inspiration, whether it’s for a work project or a house party, with these iHome color changing speakers. At the very least, they’ll make for a great conversation starter at your next party or gathering, as these wireless speakers not only deliver decent sound, they’ll deliver a dazzling light show as well.

1. iHome Collapsable Bluetooth Speaker

This portable Bluetooth speaker has the signature iHome glow that changes colors, and what’s more, it even changes shape. This gets a battery life of up to nine hours on a single charge, and reviewers say its collapsible design makes it easy to pack and store away.

Courtesy Amazon


2. iHome iBT68 Color Changing Speaker

With its cool, angular design and customizable color changing mood lighting, this iHome Bluetooth speaker looks like something you might find in a stateroom on the Starship Enterprise. This one gets up to eight hours of battery life and you can also pair the speaker to your phone to take calls wirelessly.

iHome color changing speaker Courtesy Amazon


3. iHome Color Changing Alarm Clock

This one is technically billed as an alarm clock, but it does function as a Bluetooth speaker for your phone or other devices. And it’s also one of the coolest-looking alarm clocks we’ve seen, with its color changing round shell.

iHome color changing alarm clock Courtesy Amazon


4. iHome Splashproof Color Changing Speaker

With up to 10-hours of battery life and a built-in USB port, this versatile speaker doubles as a way to keep your phone charged. It also features six different lighting programs and lets you control the lighting via the included app. Plus, it’s splash-proof so you can use it outdoors.

iHome color changing led bluetooth speaker Courtesy Amazon

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