Get Local TV and other Channels For Free (And Legally) with an Indoor TV Antenna

indoor tv antenna
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Between all of the cord-cutting options and indoor TV antennas, there is really no reason to pay a cable bill anymore. If the only thing you’ll miss from your cable company is live news and your local channels, then an HDTV antenna is right up your alley.

TV towers broadcast channels across the sky. An indoor TV antenna essentially captures those signals and pulls them into your home, free of charge. Is it legal? Absolutely. The only thing you need to worry about is getting the best signal.

A couple of things to keep in mind: the quality of your signal depends on where you live, the distance between your home and the nearest TV tower, and any obstructions in the area. Tall buildings, trees, etc. can cause interference in a signal. If you read somewhere that a reviewer received 50 channels, that’s a great benchmark, but it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get the same amount of channels. Before you decide, check to see how close your home is located to the nearest TV towers.

We scoured the internet for the most reliable and powerful HDTV antenna options. Once you’re ready to officially drop your cable company, these HDTV antennas below will continue to broadcast your favorite local channels to your home for free.


1. Clearstream Eclipse


A unique, circular design makes the Eclipse look more like a piece of art than an eye sore in your home. The Sure Grip strips help attach the antenna to your wall or window, keeping the antenna flat while both protecting it and your wall. It’s multi-directional, so it doesn’t matter which side faces the wall. After it’s placed, the 4K-ready HDTV antenna extends to grab channels with its 35-mile range. Amazon users claim to receive 20 to 60 channels depending on your location. It’s the best indoor antenna we’ve seen and worth the price for reliable free TV.

indoor tv antennas Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Clearstream Eclipse

$34.99 $39.99 13% OFF


2. Leaf Metro


Getting free cable for the least amount of money is essentially the goal in cord cutting. The Leaf Metro is one of the most affordable ways to achieve this. Its 25-mile range isn’t as far reaching as others, but downtown homes and apartments have a better chance at being next to a TV tower, where the Metro can easily snag free channels. The Metro leaves a tiny footprint, so it can easily hide behind your TV, or sit in the corner of your window. It’s not the strongest option available, but it might be all that you really need.

hdtv indoor antennas Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon


3. Mohu Releaf HDTV Antenna


You’ll be saving the planet and receiving free TV channels with the Mohu Releaf (win win)! The antenna is made from recycled cardboard, while the cable is made from crushed and recycled cable boxes. Even the instructions are printed on the shipping box to help reduce waste, which is really cool. Beyond saving the Earth, it offers 4K support and a 30-mile range. The 10-foot cable provides enough leeway to find the best reception area in your home. Some Amazon users even claimed to receive up to 62 channels. Not bad for a piece of cardboard.

indoor hdtv antennas Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Mohu Releaf HDTV Antenna


4. 1byone Amplified HDTV Antenna


This is a high-performing indoor TV antenna option that can snatch more than a handful of free TV channels for you. The 1byone antenna is made from slightly heavier plastic, which is good because it can take a little more of a beating. The downside is that the cable doesn’t detach and the double sided tape isn’t reusable, so if the cable gets damaged, you’ll need to replace the antenna. Amazon users have claimed to receive anywhere from 12 to 42 channels using the 1byone antenna and with 78% overall positive reviews.

indoor hdtv antennas Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

1byone Amplified HDTV Antenna


5. Winegard Elite 7550 Outdoor HDTV Antenna


We know, we know, this is supposed to be about indoor HDTV options, but for the people in rural areas, or those who just happen to fall outside of the range of what an indoor antenna is capable of, the Winegard Elite 7550 has your back. It has an impressive 70 mile range (most indoor options max at 30), and the TwinAmp technology amplifies both VHF and UFH signals providing strong signal for the channels it grabs. It’s a little pricier than an indoor model, but for free cable and a strong signal, it’s a worthy investment.

indoor hdtv antennas Courtesy of Amazon

Winegard Elite 7550 Outdoor HDTV Antenna

$149.92 $159.99 6% OFF


6. Mohu Curved Antenna


Most indoor TV antennas don’t look great, especially taped to your wall with a cable running down to your TV. Mohu thought about the potential eye-sore and created the Curved Antenna, a tabletop model that looks more decorative than most home entertainment tech. Looking good isn’t all its capable of either. It boasts a 60-mile range and some users claim to receive over 60 channels. Plus, a 16-foot cable provides plenty of room for you to place the Mohu Curved Antenna in the best place in your home.

indoor hdtv antenna Courtesy of Amazon

Mohu Curved Antenna

$62.38 $69.99 11% OFF


7. AmazonBasic Flat TV Antenna


Much like the Leaf Metro, if you live close to, or in a downtown area, the AmazonBasics Flat TV Antenna might be all you need. With an affordable price tag and a 35-mile range, it can snatch up plenty of free-floating channels for you to enjoy. One side is black, the other white, but Amazon claims you can paint the antenna to match your home décor and it will still work fine. It’s certainly worth $20, especially if the Leaf Metro is sold out.

indoor hdtv antenna Courtesy of Amazon

AmazonBasic Flat TV Antenna


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