Quick Shot: The 5 Best Instant Cameras of 2019

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* Film, digital and a little of both
* Our favorite go-anywhere instant cameras
* Analog futurism meets digital nostalgia

Instant film cameras may be the most perfect example of how yesterday’s analog future becomes digital age nostalgia. Still, there’s nothing that mixes convenience with retro charm quite like a good instant camera, and thanks to their internet-fueled revival, film is now readily available and affordable again. Polaroid is back, along with neo-classics from Fujifilm, Kodak and others. Here are some of our favorite instant cameras of 2019 so far.

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

Super easy to use and featuring a classic Fujifilm design, the Instax mini 90 is an easy favorite. It even has cool features like a macro mode and a double exposure mode.

Instax mini 90 Image Courtesy Amazon

2. Polaroid Instant Digital

This innovative digital camera and instant printer from Polaroid combines the physicality of an instant camera, but with some advanced digital features. It lets you record GIFS, 1080p video clips and even lets you edit the photos.

Polaroid instant pop Image Courtesy Amazon

3. Polaroid Snap

We know that Polaroid’s naming strategy is only a crackle shy of being cereal, but these cameras actually pack some substance. The Snap uses an integrated printer to transform a 10 MP digital camera into a cool, party friendly mix of digital and instant analog. It makes 2×3 prints using Polaroid’s super fast “Zink” printing process.

polaroid snap Image Courtesy Amazon

4. Kodak Printomatic

The Printomatic from Kodak is a point and shoot and print that lets you skip the developer/ scanner and also the computer/ printer process and get a keepsake while also posting to social media.

kodak printomatic Image Courtesy Amazon

5. Fujifilm Instax Wide 300

The Instax Wide uses the famous wide format instant film, known as the preferred instant choice for discerning snapshot aficionados. This instax camera also distinguishes itself from other models with some nice photographer-friendly elements like an f1.4 lens, a flash and a somewhat manual focus.

Instax Wide 300 Image Courtesy Amazon

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