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Turn The Retro Up With These Technologically Enhanced Jukeboxes

Jukeboxes are mostly known as retro, music-playing devices that allow you to play any song from their self-contained media selection. So, instead of having to listen to a whole record or album, you could listen to a single song from your whole music collection.

While our music playing capabilities have vastly changed (some may say improved), modern jukeboxes are still a great way to get that retro vibe, while enjoying some major technological advancements. These upgrades can include built-in CD systems or record players, AM/FM radio capability, Bluetooth receivers for wireless streaming your own collection and remote controls for ease of use.

Below are a few jukeboxes that come in a variety of price points and options according to your needs. In addition to the modern upgrades listed above, these jukeboxes have tricked out speaker systems including tweeters and subwoofers for excellent sound, and have auxiliary inputs for mic and audio play as well. In keeping with the retro theme, you can also enjoy these authentic and stylish reproductions as they come complete with wooden vaneer casings and color-changing LED lights, making for an all-over nostalgic experience.

1. Crosley Slimline CD Jukebox

The Crosley Slimline Jukebox is a full-size juke with an 80-CD mechanism and flip display. The ‘Slimline’ refers to its slimmer, sculpted look that won’t take up too much space, yet has all the power of its larger predecessors. This jukebox comes with connections for up to six speakers, AUX-inputs, and outputs for mic and audio and a remote control for use at home. Easy to set up, you simply load up the CD-mechanism with your favorite albums and let your music shuffle to enjoy the full catalog.

Pros: The Crosley allows you to stream digital music from your phone directly via Bluetooth through the Jukebox stereo speakers.

Cons: If you prefer a lower-priced model, another option might be better.

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2. Victrola Retro Jukebox

Victrola’s Retro Jukebox is an authentic, full-size reproduction. It comes with a three-speed, belt-driven turntable that will play all your favorite vinyls, records, and albums which will play superbly on its four full-range speakers, tweeters and subwoofer. Victrola also included a built-in CD player and AM/FM digital radio with remote control, all with 100 watts of full-range, high-fidelity sound. Finally, it has Bluetooth capability to wirelessly stream your favorite music from across the room so you are never without your favorite tunes.

Pros: This jukebox comes complete with a retro, color-changing LED light tubing in seven bright colors.

Cons: There is no place to store your records when not in use.

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3. UEME Retro Tabletop Jukebox

Ueme’s Tabletop Jukebox is a CD player and FM Radio all-in-one and combines authentic retro stylings with modern technology. A front-loading CD player, built-in Bluetooth capabilities for wireless streaming and an  AUX-port allows for any available music source to be played at any given time. This player also comes with two built-in speakers with a powerful six-watt sound that allows you to rock out to your favorite tunes.

Pros: In addition to its retro look, this jukebox comes with color-changing LED Light Tubing with circles of changing color lights.

Cons: This jukebox does not have the same range of sound as the other two on our list.

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