Be The Star Of Your Own Concert With a Compact Keyboard Amp

Keyboard Amp
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Whether you’re practicing to someday play at Carnegie Hall or just want to be able to act as the backing track during a family sing-a-long, having a keyboard amp is a great way to take your piano playing to the next level.

Keyboard amps are designed specifically for keyboards, which come with their own set of tones and frequencies. In order to make a keyboard sound louder, users need an amp that can handle both the low basslines and high frequencies associated with keyboards. When playing a keyboard, an amp with a flat frequency response and low distortion is better suited to the instrument, which makes keyboards an ill-fit for guitar amps.

Investing in a new amp for your keyboard can be a pricey decision, which is why we’ve chosen three keyboard amps that are multi-use. These amps are not only great for solo keyboard concerts, but they also double as PA systems and in some cases can be used with other instruments as well.

Check out our top picks for keyboard amps below.


1. Roland Mobile Cube Battery-Powered Stereo Amplifier

Small enough to fit in a briefcase and able to be used anywhere thanks to its wireless power source, the Roland Mobile Cube Battery-Powered Stereo Amplifier is the best choice for any musician on the go. Compact, lightweight and versatile, the Roland can be used with a keyboard, electric or acoustic guitar, computer audio, MP3 or CD player and more.

Pros: The Roland works with a variety of musical instruments in addition to a keyboard and can be used as a karaoke machine, making it great for personal home use or parties.

Cons: Because the Roland is battery powered, users must make sure to have backup AA batteries on hand when using the amp or risk it dying in the middle of a jam session.

Roland Mobile Cube Battery-Powered Stereo Amplifier Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Behringer Eurolive Ultra-Compact 150-Watt PA and Monitor Speaker System

Boasting a huge 150-Watts, the Behringer Eurolive Ultra-Compact PA and Monitor Speaker System is the loudest amp on our list and features revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology that produces an incredible sonic performance. The amp comes with an ultra-low noise three-channel mixer and two invisible mic preamps for condenser microphones, making this a great system for keyboardists, vocalists and as a PA.

Pros: The Behringer is versatile like the Roland and can be used for keyboards, as well as vocals, making it a great addition to a home recording studio or in a large meeting.

Cons: The Behringer is not a good fit for musicians looking for an amp for their acoustic or electric guitar.

Behringer Eurolive Ultra-Compact 150-Watt PA and Monitor Speaker System Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Coolmusic 35 Watt Personal Monitor Amplifier

Designed for keyboards, drums, and other percussion instruments, the Coolmusic 35 Watts Personal Monitor Amplifier includes two channels and 10-inch coaxial speakers that push out its deep and rich sound. The Coolmusic amp works great for small gatherings or for personal use, with the amp including a Main EQ with bass and treble controls as well as a headphone socket for private listening. Like the Roland, you can connect with CD or MP3 player to the Coolmusic amp using the aux input.

Pros: The Coolmusic amp includes a DI output that allows users to connect to a PA system.

Cons: The Coolmusic amp is the heaviest amp on our list at over 30 pounds, making it the least portable option.

Coolmusic 35watts Personal Monitor Amplifier Image courtesy of Amazon