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Divoom Utilizes a Programmable LED on Their New Bluetooth Speaker

* Divoom Aurabox adds programmable LED screen to Bluetooth speaker
* Shows alarm clock, custom animations, drawings, temperature, and notifications
* 5W driver and superior bass deliver high-end sound quality

Bluetooth speakers have become an essential piece of technology. As their sound quality has increased, they have also become a must-have for the home, and on the go. This Divoom Aurabox elevates the Bluetooth speaker’s functionality even more with a smart LED screen.

The Aurabox acts as a useful alarm clock and temperature reader for your home, utilizing a customizable sleep aid with built-in scenery profiles. What really sets this speaker apart, however, is the smartphone connectivity. Download the Divoom app to control animations, make custom drawings and see your notifications all on the programmable LED screen. Among the helpful features: an alarm clock, weather/temperature readings and text message alerts.

The speaker is small at 7×5-inches, making it great for travel, and features a minimal rubberized design for durability and grip. 

The Aurabox’s playful handy-ness is matched by premium sound quality squeezed into the compact speaker. A 5W full range driver, passive radiator and low range bass enhancement work together to deliver powerful, crisp sound no matter what music you’re listening to. The Aurabox stays true to what makes Bluetooth speakers great, especially for use with friends: supreme functionality and a splash of fun.

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