The L-Word: 7 Must-Read Books About Bisexual and Lesbian Women

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* June is LGBTQ Pride Month
* These books explore the stories of lesbian and bisexual women
* Grab a good summer read

Continuing our celebration of LGBTQ Pride month this June, check out these incredible books that explore stories of bisexual and lesbian women as they navigate relationships, both personal and professional. Varying from tales of self discovery to first love, stay enthralled in these pages all month long.

1. Odd Girl Out

Ann Bannon released this book in the 1950s, breaking ground by writing deeper portrayals of lesbian women. Many argue “Odd Girl Out” signified the beginning of the lesbian pulp fiction genre.

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Odd Girl Out


2. Just Girls

Rachel Gold’s book follows a young lesbian woman, Jess, who’s used to people’s judgement. But after her dorm is lit up with a rumor that someone is transgender, Jess steps forward to stop the finger pointing. While Jess faces persecution, another girl, Ella, debates whether she should let her continue to face the heat.

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Just Girls

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3. Juliet Takes A Breath

Gaby Riviera paints a portrait of Juliet, a young woman from the Bronx who comes out to her mother, with disastrous results. She decides she needs a new scene to help her find herself, so she moves to Portland to study under groundbreaking feminist author Harlowe Brisbane.

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Juliet Takes A Breath


4. Sexual Fluidity: Understanding Women’s Love and Desire

Exploring female sexuality, this book by Lisa M. Diamond explores the broad range of female sexual desire, and argues that we can’t be boxed in by labels like “heterosexual” and “homosexual” when it comes to love.

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Sexual Fluidity: Understanding Women’s Love and Desire



5. The Color Purple

Alice Walker’s incendiary book won a Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award, and explores the story of two sisters, one a missionary in Africa, and one a child wife living in the South, who experience heartbreak, separation and enduring love.

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The Color Purple

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6. I Can’t Think Straight

Following two very different women — one a Muslim bride-to-be, one a Christian with a boyfriend — Shamim Sarif explores how a forbidden romance between the women tests everything they thought they knew.

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I Can't Think Straight


7. When I Was Straight

This book explores the before and after of self discovery, and Julie Marie Wade uses poetry to discuss her journey.

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When I Was Straight

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