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Cover Story: 9 Magazine Subscriptions You Can Get for Less Than $15

* Magazines are the essential beach-read come summer
* Don’t pay pricey newsstand rates; get a subscription for less
* Popular titles across all categories on sale now

People might say print is dead, but that doesn’t necessarily apply when you’re lounging poolside. In between dips in the water or when you’re hitting the beach on the weekend, reading a trusty magazine is a surefire way to pass the time while you’re catching rays. And to save some money this summer on weekly shopping trips, here are nine magazines that offer yearly subscriptions for $15 or less.

Get one for yourself to stock up on titles for your summer vacation. Or, get a subscription for a friend or family member — a monthly delivery of magazines always makes a great gift.

1. Bon Appétit

For the foodies at heart who yearn for summer BBQ inspiration, Bon Appétit has an ample supply of recipes at your disposal. Curated by professional chefs, each issue features recipes for chicken dishes, vegetarian meals, and desserts, of course. In addition, each issue features coverage of restaurants across the country if you’re curious about local hotspots for food and drinks.

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 2. Women’s Health

If you want to learn how to get Baywatch-worthy abs like Alexandra Daddario this summer (above), then Women’s Health is your new go-to. The mag is the go-to guide for women of all ages on how to get in shape in a happy and healthy way. With articles not only regarding physical health but also mental and psychological well-being, Women’s Health makes self-love and care a priority in addition to finding meaning in your sense of style, relationships and diet.

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3. Tennis

If you wish you were attending Wimbledon right now, order yourself a subscription to Tennis to get your fix on all the highest-ranked players and their stats. Each issue also features player profiles for a more intimate look at tennis world superstars as well as tips for how to improve your own game and where to buy the latest gear all the professionals are wearing.

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Image courtesy of Tennis[/caption]


4. Esquire

The classic men’s lifestyle periodical highlights trending politics, food and drink recommendations, style choices and entertainment news like Game of Thrones‘ Kit Harington’s next career move after fighting the White Walkers for seven seasons come July. Esquire is an all-encompassing publication tailored specifically for men. Start collecting those copies of Esquire to build a library of knowledge for dressing well, drinking well and living well as a smart and cultured 21st century man.

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Image courtesy of Esquire[/caption]


5. Better Homes & Gardens

Home is where the heart is, and no magazine knows that better than Better Homes & Gardens. Littered with tips on how to make your house feel more like your home, this lifestyle magazine provides insight on how to decorate, garden and remodel your surroundings into one environment personalized just for you.

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Image courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens[/caption]


6. Vacations

To find where to jet off to once August rolls round, look no further than a copy of Vacations. With profiles on summer getaways and family-friendly locales, Vacations caters to the wanderlust inside of all of us. Every issue also features deals on travel excursions and ideas for how to organize your next trip’s itinerary.

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Image courtesy of Vacations[/caption]


7. Elle

Elle strives to make you feel like the belle of the ball in all aspects of your life, from fashion to beauty tutorials, to how to best channel your love life horoscope this month. With celebrity profiles in each edition, like SNL darlings Kate McKinnon and Tina Fey in the July issue, Elle also keeps you updated on entertainment news you need to know about, books you should be reading and the best shows you should be watching.

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Image courtesy of Elle[/caption]


8. Men’s Journal

Men’s Journal is replete with entries on how to make your summer more adventurous and fulfilling. While listing tips on how to eat and exercise in a healthy manner, the magazine also complements these suggestions with cooking counterparts for how to balance out your daily activities. But most importantly, Men’s Journal features the travel extravaganzas you wish you could partake in, like remote destinations and festivals, as well as all the gear you’d need for your jaunts.

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9. Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar has been doling out fashion wisdom for the past 150 years, so be part of the legacy by ordering your own subscription. For advice on how to accessorize your wardrobe and accentuate your best features with makeup and hairstyling, this magazine prides itself on being in the know among the fashion elite. But aside from profiles on models and designers, Harper’s Bazaar also reports on modern culture and celebrity events like red carpets and star-studded parties.

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Image courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

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