Small Surveillance: 8 Tiny Spy Cameras for Pocket Sleuths

Etsby Wearable Spy Cam
Image courtesy of Amazon
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* Add more security to your home network
* These mini spy cams make it easier to keep tabs on your home, kids and pets
* Hidden camera options range from USB cams to spy pens and more

Whether you want to keep an extra eye on the pets when you’re away or simply want an easy and less obtrusive way to record meetings out in public, these mini cams are sure to meet your every need.

From pocket pens to dash cams and more, we’ve dug deep to find the eight best spy cams for your everyday sleuthing needs.

1. Hossen USB Disk Spy Camera Camcorder

This motion activated USB camera is easy to carry and operate, making it ideal for settings such as business meetings. No special software or hardware is needed.

Hossen USB Disk Spy Camera Camcorder Image courtesy Amazon

Hossen USB Disk Spy Camera Camcorder


2. XJW Mini Clothes Hook Camera

Disguised as a simple, everyday clothes hook, this mini cam helps you keep tabs on your home by offering high-quality video capability with the option to record up to 30 mins of consecutive video at a time. The motion sensor is set to record automatically whenever movement is detected, helping to keep your home under constant surveillance.

[caption id="attachment_67114" align="aligncenter" width="460"]Mini Remote Control Clothes Hook Camera Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


3. Soospy Spy Pen

Capable of taking HD 1920*1080P videos and 2560*1920P snapshots, this spy pen even includes a built-in rechargeable battery that helps you record up to 60 minutes continuously. It’s easy to use. Just press the button to start recording.

Soospy Spy Pen Image courtesy of Spy

Soospy Spy Pen


4. Uyikoo Mini 1080P Car Key Camera

Discreetly carry this spy camera wherever you go. It takes high definition videos and photos, plus it has a motion detector and is night vision enabled.

[caption id="attachment_74768" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Uyikoo Mini 1080P Car Key Camera Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


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5. Condbrov Mini Night Vision Cam

This super small spy cam is the world’s smallest pocket camera. Sporting night vision capability, HD video and image resolution, plus a recording range up to 15 feet in total darkness, this pocket cam is compatible with class 10 Micro SD cards and is great for everyday use.

[caption id="attachment_67121" align="aligncenter" width="399"]Mini Spy Cam with Night Vision Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


6. Esrover Hidden Camera Wall Adapter

This dual purpose gadget charges your devices and spies on the room. It boasts a 32G internal memory and 1080P HD camera. It operates on motion detection, so all you have to do is plug it into a wall and it will automatically record when someone enters the room.

[caption id="attachment_70850" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Hidden Camera Charger Adapter Image courtesy Amazon[/caption]


7. Etsby Wearable Spy Cam

Not satisfied with stationary cams? This wearable spy cam takes on the disguise of an innocuous smiley face pin, making it possible to capture real-time video wherever you are. This mini cam automatically saves video after every 30-minute interval, helping you capture more while doing less. You can also use it as a covert dash cam.

mini spy cam

Etspy Wearable Spy Cam


8. Downee Hidden Camera Power Bank

Offering an easier and more discreet way to keep an extra set of eyes on your home, this hidden camera connects to your WiFi network to help you keep tabs on your entire home. Featuring motion detection, push notifications and HD video capability, you can actually control this hidden cam remotely with your phone or tablet.

[caption id="attachment_67123" align="aligncenter" width="346"]Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Power Bank Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

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