Plot Pieces: The 7 Best Puzzles for Movie Lovers

Best Puzzles for Movie Lovers…and Where
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* Various difficulty levels
* Pass the time, start conversations, organize a night with family and friends
* Features sets from your favorite movies and characters

It all fits together brilliantly, right? You take two of your favorite pastimes – puzzles and movies – and you piece them together for hours of fun. Here are the seven best movie lover puzzles we found.

1. Harry Potter: The Great Hall Puzzle

Harry Potter: The Great Hall 550-piece Puzzle takes you back to the scene in the movie when the new students first walk through the hallowed Great Hall of Hogwarts, complete with floating candles and starlit skies.

movie puzzle Image Courtesy of Think Geek


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2. Clockwork Orange Puzzle

Here’s a way to piece together a little of the old ultra-violence. The Clockwork Orange 500-piece puzzle portrays the mean montage of this movie’s iconic poster. It’s probably the only puzzle you’ll own that features a codpiece, and it’s so fun it’ll have you singing in the rain.

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3. The Wizard of Oz Puzzle

One of the most memorable films (and novels ) ever comes to life every time you piece together this Wizard of Oz 1000-piece puzzle. It features the original 1900 title page with a lone poppy and an accompanying 1900 book plate, where Dorothy meets the Cowardly Lion. It’s nostalgic fun, one piece at a time.

movie puzzle Image Courtesy of Think Geek


4. Star Wars Only Hope Puzzle

Princess Leia recording her iconic message is possibly one of the most famous scenes in all of moviedom. Now, it’s immortalized on this Star Wars 40th Anniversary You’re My Only Hope 1000-piece puzzle. It offers a different view – the Princess’s point of view, specifically – of this legendary scene.

movie puzzle Image Courtesy of Think Geek


5. Willy Wonka Puzzle

No riddle for you, just a super fun Willy Wonka 1000-piece puzzle. It stimulates your imagination to transport you into the wild, wonderful world of Wonka . It’s your golden ticket to a good time relaxing or hanging out with friends.

movie puzzle Image Courtesy of Think Geek


6. Wonder Woman Logo Shaped Puzzle

The Wonder Woman Logo Shaped 600-piece puzzle pays homage to the powerful femme’s 75 years of crime fighting. It features a collage of comic covers seen throughout the years on one side. When you’re finished, flip it over to show off Wonder Woman’s iconic logo. It’s two puzzles for the price of one.

movie puzzle Image Courtesy of Think Geek


7. Batman Map of Gotham 3D Puzzle

If you like tough challenges, then the Batman Map of Gotham 3D Puzzle is for you. It has three levels: a 1200 piece base that shows the complete layout of the city, then a 300 piece foam layer that creates the shape of the island. Plus, it comes with over 160 tiny buildings to let you recreate Gotham’s most memorable landmarks in miniature. It even comes complete with a working LED Bat Signal.

Batman Map of Gotham 3D Puzzle Image courtesy of Think Geek

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