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Camera Comrades: 4 Best Accessories for Your Nest Cam

* Simple accessories help you change the way your Nest works
* Adjustable camera mounts let you capture even more on screen
* Use these accessories to add more versatility to your home surveillance network

The Nest has essentially reinvented home surveillance. With a touch of a button you can check in on the kids, monitor your front and back yard, watch for deliveries and more. Fortunately, as with every other smart device, the Nest is constantly changing and becoming more versatile.

In order to get the most out of your Nest, here are 5 great accessories you’ll want to look into.

1. Camo Camera Skins – BEST VALUE

These slip-on silicon skins not only keep your Nest Cam hidden, they’re also waterproof and UV-resistant. That means they’ll help protect your investment and keep it running for longer. Great for setting up outside, these camouflage camera skins come in a variety of colors and are easy to install and replace.


2. Aluminum Wall Mount – BEST REVIEWED

When it comes to the Nest, one of the biggest complaints is the camera’s range. Fortunately, this aluminum wall mount helps you add more flexibility to your Nest Cam by letting you capture video at a 90-degree angle. Made from rust-free aluminum, this wall mount lets you angle your camera any way you want.


3. Twistable Camera Mount – EDITOR’S CHOICE

Going a step further, this twistable mount adds even more flexibility. The weatherproof silicone mount lets you twist, turn, wrap or hang your Nest Cam wherever you want, giving you even more options to pick and choose where you want to set your camera up.


4. LED Alarm Clock Case

If you want to go even further, this LED clock case is another nice and convenient way to house your Nest Cam discreetly. Disguised as a functional LED alarm clock, this spy clock case is smaller and more subtle than the clock, making it slightly more versatile.


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