You Can’t Beat The Picture Quality and Contrast of an OLED TV

best oled tvs
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When it comes to TVs, OLEDs are the G.O.A.T. The big difference between an OLED TV and a regular LED TV is how the pixels are illuminated. LED TVs have backlighting to illuminate the pixels in the display, and the backlighting is usually done in zones. Because whole zones are illuminated, it becomes harder to create contrast between light and dark areas on your TV. Light will leak and illuminate pixels that should be dimmed, which makes it virtually impossible to achieve true black.

On the other hand, the best OLED TVs have self-illuminating pixels. This means individual pixels are illuminated and dimmed, creating more contrast and truer blacks, which results in more eye-popping visuals. Without the need for a backlight, the display design also becomes slimmer — we’re talking the width of a pen.

Simply put, OLEDs look better — whether your TV is on or off — compared to all other display technology. However, if you want to buy a top-rated OLED TV, your options are limited. Right now, LG and Sony are the only manufacturers in the market. On top of that, the price tag for a true OLED display is no joke. The absolute lowest you can pay is $1,500, and deluxe 77-inch products cost almost $10,000 — and they’re still selling out.

If you have the coin, keep reading. Below you’ll find the best OLED TVs available today.


1. LG C9 55-Inch OLED TV


The LG C9 offers the best value for an OLED TV. You essentially get the same brilliant picture quality as the LG E9 featured below but at a discounted cost. True blacks and incredible contrast make the picture jump off the screen. If what you’re watching isn’t quite 4K quality, it upscales standard definition and 720p to HD. And the design is every bit as amazing as the picture. The screen is basically a pane of glass that’s the width of an iPhone (without the case) and will look great on your entertainment stand or mounted flush to your wall. Once it becomes the centerpiece of your home entertainment system, it fully supports HDMI 2.1 for better frame rates, Airplay 2 and Apple HomeKit, as well as Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatibility.

best oled tvs Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

2. Sony A9G 4K 65-Inch OLED TV


The Master Series line of TVs from Sony is engineered for creating unbelievable, best-in-class imagery. The Sony Bravia OLED line has incredibly vibrant and accurate colors as well as amazing contrast. When reviewing the picture quality on the Sony A9G, customers use words like “stunning”, “amazing” and “outstanding”. With 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this is one of the top-rated 65-inch TVs for sale right now. Helping to create such magnificent picture quality is the X1 picture processor, which uses pixel boosting technology to brighten and enhance the color detail on the screen. And to match the picture quality, the sound the A9G produces is actually pretty decent — flatscreen TVs are notorious for having bad sound quality. The only real downside here is the price. But if you are loyal to Sony TVs, or you simply want to experience what owning a Sony Master Series TV is like, you won’t be disappointed.

best oled tv Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

3. LG E9 55-Inch OLED TV


If you’re looking for big differences in picture quality in the E9 compared to the C9, you aren’t going to find them. The great news is they both produce incredible picture quality. The big difference between the two is sound quality; the E9 produces more full and better overall audio than the C9. Also, there is a minor design tweak between the two that makes the E9 look a hair more sleek and elegant. The glass pane of the display goes beyond the panel to essentially meet the surface of the tabletop. This hides the stand behind the display and makes it look as though a sleek piece of glass is standing alone on your entertainment center. So if you want a more aesthetically pleasing model and better sound quality to pair with your brilliant picture quality, we suggest shelling out a few more bucks to go with the E9.

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4. LG W9


The full package in LG’s OLED line, the W9 is equal parts amazing picture, sound and design. The display is literally as thin as a hardback book cover. There’s no panel connected to the back — simply a flat piece of glass. A thin ribbon runs from the bottom of the display to the audio panel that acts as the soundbar. And like a soundbar, it produces outstanding audio to go along with the incredible picture quality. Buying the W9, you get all three benefits: amazing picture, incredible sound and a beautifully designed, razor-thin TV. Of course, that elegance and beauty comes at a steep price of $6,000. That’s the cost for the crème de la crème. The 77-inch LG W9 is even more expensive, with a price tag of $9,997.

best oled tvs Courtesy of Amazon
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