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Movies Under the Stars: The 8 Best Outdoor Projectors

Like peanut butter and jelly, outdoor movies and summertime go hand in hand. Instead of having to waste time indoors watching movies on your flat screen, it’s often more fun to round up a few snacks and take the party outdoors with a stellar outdoor projector. Watching a movie under the stars is just an enjoyable experience, one made even better with some friends.

If you’re in the market for an outdoor projector, you’ll definitely want to keep in mind a few things when selecting one. The resolution will likely be the biggest thing to pay attention to (especially for those obsessive over picture quality). Additionally, other factors like battery life, WiFi connectivity, image size and brightness are all important factors.

No matter what you’re looking for in an outdoor projector, we’ve rounded up eight of our favorite outdoor projectors on the market right now to ensure your outdoor movie night is a blast — our selects are below.


1. Anker Nebula Solar FHD Outdoor Projector


As evidenced by its namesake, Anker’s Nebula Solar FHD outdoor projector includes a built-in battery that recharges based on solar power. The three-hour battery life should be plenty for the majority of films (if you’re watching Lord of the Rings, however, you’ll need to grab an extension cord) while providing stunning clarity and bright details for all of your films. Additionally, the Nebula Solar includes a built-in speaker, Android TV for easy media navigation, and even an included stand to make watching movies a breeze. All in all, it’s a combination of features and value that will make every outdoor movie night a blast.

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2. ViewSonic M1 Outdoor Projector


While the 480p output of this ViewSonic M1 outdoor projector may not offer the most stunning visuals, what it lacks there will be made up for in its highly portable nature. The entire unit weighs less than two pounds and makes it super easy to carry for a camping trip or even change things up one night. There are included speakers if you don’t want to break out another set and includes WiFi so you can stream your favorite content wherever you may have a connection.

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3. XGIMI Halo Outdoor Projector


This tower-shaped outdoor projector from XGIMI may look more like a computer tower than it does an outdoor projector, but inside is plenty of power to ensure your outdoor movie-watching experience is the best possible. The full HD projecting renders a clear, bright image thanks to its 800 Lumen output. Additionally, the built-in battery ensures you can take it outside without worrying about needing an extra charge. Plus, dual high-end speakers allow for an optional audio output, but you can also pair a Bluetooth-enabled speaker to it if you’d like a little extra power.

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4. ViewSonic M2 Outdoor Projector


With its stunning copper accents and contrasting black hues, the ViewSonic M2 outdoor projector looks incredibly sharp on any surface alongside any setup. The shorter throw of the lens allows you to project an image of 100 inches from eight to nine feet away, providing plenty of space to customize your viewing space. Additionally, the M2 offers various connectors, including PC, Mac, HDMI, USB-C, and more, for all of your media needs.

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5. Optoma H190X Outdoor Projector


For those who want to ensure their outdoor projector provides the brightest image possible, the Optoma H190X is your best option. With an impressive 3,900 Lumen count, your shows and movies will be rendered wonderfully in the dark. Additionally, a 10W speaker provides quality sound, so you don’t have to hook up extra speakers (unless you want to, of course).

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6. Nebula Mars II Outdoor Projector


We’re a sucker for some good features, and few outdoor projectors have one as handy as Nebula’s Mars II. The included handle makes moving this already small outdoor projector even easier. This means you can bring it just about anywhere with little hassle. In addition to this portable power, the Mars II outputs in 720p for a slightly higher resolution image than what you’d get for the price and size while also boasting a decent battery life.

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7. LG HU80KA Outdoor Projector


If you don’t want to skimp on quality, LG’s HU80KA outdoor projector is the one for you. While it’s definitely expensive, the projector provides a full 4K resolution to ensure your images look as vivid and as quality as you’d see at your local cinema. Additionally, the tower design makes it so you can easily set it up anywhere and get it to project the right way. With included smart features like LG’s Smart TV streaming content and the ability to beam content from your phone to the projector, this is a serious pick for a serious enthusiast.

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8. AAXA P7 Mini Outdoor Projector


Compact and ready to easily travel with you, this 1080p mini portable projector from AAXA is a fantastic budget option for an outdoor projector. While the battery life is on the shorter side of things at 90 minutes, you’ll be able to at least make it through a few episodes of your favorite sitcom without needing a full charge. Plus, a handful of input connections make it easy to screen your favorite content in the press of a few buttons.

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