The Best Outdoor TVs Don’t Let Screen Glare Stop You From Enjoying the Game

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Outdoor TVs got a major boost during the pandemic when a lot of us were looking for ways to spend time with friends while practicing social distancing. Now, these electronics are becoming permanent fixtures on our patios, decks and backyards. When you want to invite the gang over for a barbecue, the best outdoor TVs let you enjoy the sunshine and watch the game at the same time. But if you’re going to entertain outside, you’re going to need an outdoor TV that can bring the party outside.

Outdoor TVs are specifically made to handle the elements. They have a protective casing that makes them weatherproof (for the most part) and keeps water from getting into the media bay (all the connections on the back of the TV). You wouldn’t want to bring your $2,000 dollar OLED TV outside when it’s muggy or downright nasty outside. That’s a quick way to ruin your day. That’s why you invest in an outdoor TV, so you don’t have to worry about it.

You’ll notice that outdoor TVs are a bit more expensive than even your best 65-inch TV. If you brought your TV from inside your home outside, there is a good chance you wouldn’t even be able to see what’s on the screen from all the sun glare. Not only are these TVs weatherproof, but they also have the technology to help you actually see the screen even when the sun is bearing right down on it. What good is a TV if you can’t see the picture? This extra technology is pricey but worth it.

With an outdoor TV, you can turn your outdoor BBQs into legendary events. A beer, your buds, and the game all happening outside thanks to an outdoor TV that can handle whatever the weather throws at it.


How We Chose the Best Outdoor TVs

When selecting the best outdoor televisions for sale in 2022, we considered a range of factors including price, brightness, picture quality, smart features, and weatherproofing.

  • Price: Goes without saying but the increased fee you’re paying for outdoor weatherproofing is going to come at a pretty penny. We did our best to find TVs that won’t entirely break the bank.
  • Brightness: When you watch TV outside it’s—more than likely—going to be pretty bright out. You’ll want a TV that’s capable of producing a really bright image during the daytime. At a minimum, aim for a display with 700 nits, especially if you’re putting the television in a space where it will get a lot of sunlight.
  • Picture Quality: If you’re going to pony up this price, the unit needs to have the best possible picture quality. The TVs you’ll find here are all 4K UHD displays, many of which also have HDR.
  • Smart Features: You’ll want to be sure the TV can connect to Wi-Fi for streaming purposes at the very least.
  • Weatherproofing: Nothing worse than buying a TV and realizing it can’t withstand the rain, right? Each of these TVs is capable of withstanding hot and cold temperatures and has a high level of IP rating for water and dust.

With that in mind, here are our recommendations for the best outdoor TVs for sale in 2022.


1. SunBrite Veranda TV


The Sunbrite Veranda sports a rustproof aluminum exterior to protect against the elements. Even the back of the TV where the connections are hosted are protected by thick gaskets to prevent water from getting in. Speaking of connectivity, it hosts a bevy of connection options including three HDMI ports and a single USB. And with 4K resolution and HDR, there’s no need to run back inside to catch the game, because this TV boasts the quality worthy of an epic play. Its hot and cold resistance runs from -24 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. And while the TV doesn’t provide an official nit rating, it is 50% brighter than normal televisions.

outdoor tvs sunbritetv Courtesy of Amazon

2. Furrion Aurora Outdoor TV


Unlike some of the other best outdoor TVs, the Furrion Aurora isn’t going to excel in environments that have full exposure to sun. But if you have the luxury of sticking this in a shaded area, this TV is also one of the more affordable options on the list while still offering 4K resolution at our minimum threshold of 700 nits of brightness. Best of all, this TV is fully weatherproof, which means you don’t have to worry about rain, snow or extreme heat getting in the way of you and an outdoor Netflix binge session thanks to an operating range of -4 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

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3. Furrion Aurora Outdoor TV


Nothing says you are the king of entertainment like a massive TV in your backyard. It’s certainly is not cheap, but you’ll be the champion of all BBQs and outdoor hangouts with Furrion’s 65-inch TV. Beyond it being huge, it also looks great with 4K resolution and HDR. The TV is built to withstand substantial temperate swings and is all-weather rated, meaning it’s not just gigantic, but built tough as well thanks to smart design features like a weather-tight connection bay in the back. Plus, the 750 nits brightness rating will hold up well under direct sunlight, which means that stunning vivid 4K UHD and HDR picture won’t falter even when the sun is at its most glaring. The one thing that does hold this back is a lack of built-in WiFi, but it’s nothing a connected Roku or Fire stick can’t handle.

Furrion Aurora 65 Outdoor TV Amazon

4. Samsung The Terrace QLED 4K


Samsung decided to join the outdoor TV space with The Terrace QLED 4K. And you’ll be happy they did considering the 4K resolution combined with the awesome Tizen operating system that makes it easy to find all of your favorite content and shows. Making things even easier, this TV can connect to your network WiFi, so even though you’re outside, you can still tell Alexa to turn off the kitchen light you accidentally left on (if you have smart lighting). It’ll look great even when the sun is shining on the screen thanks to anti-glare technology, although you do have the option to purchase a partial or full sun version of the unit, depending upon where you decide to place it. While Samsung doesn’t provide an official nits rating, it is “outdoor optimized” to ensure the sun won’t ruin the picture.

samsung terrace outdoor tv Courtesy of Amazon

5. SunBrite Pro Series


When your backyard doesn’t have any shade or coverings, but you still want a TV for entertaining, the SunBrite Pro Series has anti-glare technology and a protective glass shield for “enhanced solar tolerance” to deal with direct sunlight and still make the display look great. It doesn’t sport 4K resolution like the other TVs, and it is only 42-inches, making it one of the smaller options. It does include its own soundbar, which helps to offset not having smart features like WiFi or 4K. Additionally, there’s no official nit rating but does feature a picture that’s “3X brighter” than standard TVs. If you’ve got shade, we recommend our pick for best overall, but if you’re exposed to straight sunlight, you should consider this outdoor TV instead.

sunbrite pro series outdoor tv Courtesy of Best Buy

6. Seura Ultra Bright 4K Outdoor TV


Like the Sunbrite Pro Series, the Seura Ultra Bright is designed to be used in the fully unexposed open, which means that you could have the sun shining directly on this thing during a rainstorm and it would still be bright enough to be watchable. The temperature operating range goes from a staggering -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and includes a 1000 nit brightness rating, one of the highest on this list. Unlike the Sunbrite Pro, this TV is 4K and weatherproof. But don’t think you can have it all and not pay an arm and a leg: This TV the most expensive option on this list, clocking in at nearly $10,000.


7. LG 7-Series Weatherized Elite 75″ Outdoor TV


LG is a trusted brand, known for producing televisions with stunning displays and easy-to-use features. That’s certainly the case with their weatherized elite outdoor TV, which is weatherproofed to withstand all the elements. The Smart TV functionality allows for a WiFi connection so you can view all of your favorite streaming shows, even outside or even use Alexa or Google Assistant for voice commands. Plus, the stunning 4K picture with HDR makes this a top-of-the-line unit that’s definitely worth considering along with the other options on this list, along with the 3 included HDMI ports and the 2 USB ports. Oh, and it even has a 120Hz screen refresh rate, which is great for next-generation gaming if your latest Fortnite session just can’t wait.

LG 7-Series Weatherized Elite 75" Outdoor TV BBQ Guys


8. KUVASONG 55″ Outdoor TV


If you need a second opinion on an outdoor TV, Amazon has selected this 55″ KUVASONG outdoor television as its “Amazon’s Choice” product. They’ve picked well, as the unit comes with included WiFi, an external soundbar, a 1500 nit brightness rating, a display with included anti-glare. However, the TV is not waterproof, so you’ll definitely need to get a cover for it. But if you’re willing to make that trade for a variety of really fantastic features, you’ll find a lot to love with this selection.

KUVASONG 55" Outdoor TV Amazon

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