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This Photo Turntable Adds a 360° Experience to Your Photos

* Bluetooth-enabled rotating turntable
* Comes with a corresponding app
* Get gorgeous 360-degree photos

This unique, innovative photo-turntable hybrid makes it easier than ever to capture 360-degree photos, letting you get amazing product shots even with your smartphone. It uses Bluetooth-enabled sensors that can communicate with your phone and even some professional-level digital cameras. This way, it helps you produce a seamless 360-degree panorama shot. The accompanying app is included with it and makes it easy to use your phone to create beautiful, seamless all-around images. Pair it with a lightbox for amazing shots without boundary lines or shadows. It’s sort of like a miniature cyclotron wall for your desktop. A great idea for Depop and eBay sellers, this photo turntable can really help you get the kind of striking photos that will make your items really stand out.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy Urban Outfitters

The artistic possibilities don’t have to stop there, though. You can use this to get incredibly clear macro shots, create Instagram-worthy pictures of decorative objects and much more. Filming miniature dioramas, putting your rare 1990’s Troll dolls or D&D figures on display. You could even, theoretically of course, use it to as a part-time snack tray and have yourself a, very, miniature revolving restaurant.


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