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The Best Portable DVD Players To Buy Right Now

If you grew up in the 90s or 2000s, chances are you have a solid DVD collection in your home. And while digital-form films and TV shows on phones, tablets, computers and other media-playing devices are definitely the most popular way to view media, DVDs still have a role to play. The best portable DVD players provide convenience, comfort and internet-free viewing lots of people still find appealing. Especially, if you are sitting on an extensive, free-to-view collection of DVDs.

Portable DVD players allow you to watch DVDs anywhere. Their compact design, usually made up of the player and a built-in screen, is ideal for remote viewing, especially when camping, traveling or even living in an RV. They can also be your savior when you have to keep kids entertained on long journeys.

What To Consider Before Buying a Portable DVD Player

If you’re in the market for a portable DVD player, here are some important things to consider to ensure you find the right one for you:

  • Screen/Screen Size – Most portable DVD players have an attached screen, so the unit serves as an all-in-one entertainment device. A variety of different screen sizes are available, ranging from 7.5 to 17 inches. If you’re looking for maximum portability, go with a smaller screen, but 17-inch devices provide excellent battery life even though the screen is larger. This can ultimately come down to personal preference.
  • Battery Life – A good portable DVD player should have at least five hours of battery life. That is enough for a cross-country flight or a 300-mile car ride. If you can find a portable DVD player with longer battery life, even better.
  • Portability – If you intend to use your portable DVD player on the go, make sure you find a device built with portability in mind. Most devices include a built-in screen, many of which have a swivel function for easy viewing. It’s also worth looking at how large and thick the device is.
  • User Friendliness – While a high-quality viewing experience is probably the most important element, it’s worth ensuring that your DVD player is easy to navigate and offers a user-friendly experience. Look at the button configuration, built-in features and whether it’s supplied with a remote control.
  • Durability – If you’re going to be carrying your portable DVD player in a backpack or regularly moving it from place to place, ensure you choose a device that is made to last.

1. HD Juntunkor


The HD Juntunkor’s 10.1-inch screen strikes the right balance between display size and portability to keep your attention hooked. You can mount this portable DVD player to the back of a car seat, or take it anywhere else thanks to a 270-degree rotating screen that can flip 180 degrees to get the best viewing angle possible. And it’s good for road trips or cross-country flights with five hours of battery life. No wonder almost 6,000 people on Amazon gave it a 4.5-star rating.

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2. Ceihoit Mini DVD Player


This portable mini DVD player doesn’t have a screen on it, but it is small, quiet, lightweight and affordable. Oh, and it’s great for connecting to additional TVs or projectors. Sure, you probably can’t take it in a car, but when you want a DVD player for home use, especially one you can easily take from room to room and connect to any flat screen TV in the house, this is one of the more affordable ways to go.

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3. APEMAN PV770 Portable DVD Player


With its compact size and 7.5-inch screen, this APEMAN PV770 Portable DVD Player is a super portable, all-in-one device. The all-black, region-free player sports a HD swivel screen to allow for comfortable viewing wherever you are. It also includes a subtitle switching function and supports more than just DVD format discs. USB devices, SD cards and a range of other disc and file formats can be played. In addition, the player features a memory function so it continues playing from where you last watched.

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4. ieGeek Portable DVD Player


With a rotating screen that can snap back 180 degrees, this ieGeek Portable DVD Player can be mounted to the headrest in your car or enjoyed by connecting it to a larger TV in your home. The 11.5-inch screen has eye-protective shielding to help reduce eye fatigue when you’re watching for long periods of time. You can enjoy DVDs or media from USB or SD cards. It’s a versatile and small portable DVD player with an equally small price tag.

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5. DBPOWER Portable DVD Player


With over 7,500 reviews on Amazon and an overall 4.4-star rating, this 12-inch portable DVD player has satisfied a lot of on-the-go movie watchers. It’s great for the car with an AC adapter but can also last on car trips for up to five hours running on battery. And if the 12-inch screen isn’t enough, you can easily connect it to a TV and take your DVDs to the big screen. It’s a convenient and reliable choice for your DVD playback needs.

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6. Jekero Portable DVD Player With Game Controller


Designed with a 17.9-inch screen, this portable DVD player is an awesome option for families. It supports all-region discs and has input/output slots that allow you to enjoy e-books, games, and more via USB and SD card. There’s a remote control for easy programming and access and a gamepad that allows kids to interact with their favorite games.

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7. Insignia DVD Player


This InsigniaDVD Player is a compact device that ticks all of the right boxes. With a 10-inch screen and an overall thickness of 1.7 inches, this CD and DVD player is just right for comfortable, on-the-go viewing and easy storing. Its rechargeable battery also provides up to 2.5 hours per charge while the accompanying remote control and headphone jack further add to your overall experience.

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8. BOIFUN Portable DVD Player


For a more TV or computer-like viewing experience, you’re going to want a larger screen. This BOIFUN Portable DVD Player has exactly that in the form of a 15.6-inch HD resolution screen. For a standout viewing experience, the player also includes high-volume speakers and provides up to six hours of viewing time from a full charge. In addition, it remembers the last place you watched a movie, supports a range of formats and comes backed by more than 3,000 five-star ratings from Amazon users.

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9. Insignia Dual Screen Portable DVD Player


Road trips can be brutal with fussy kids in the back seat. With the Insignia Dual Screen Portable DVD player, you can keep the kiddos entertained and keep the “are we there yet?” to a minimum. The 10-inch screens easily fit on each headrest in the car, and your kids can have complete control without unbuckling their seatbelts with the included remote control. They can even plug in a pair of kid’s headphones into the headphone jack, so parents can have a little peace and quiet as well.

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10. COOAU Portable DVD Player


This COOAU Portable DVD Player is another device that balances a quality viewing experience with a smart, user-friendly design. The player measures 17.9 inches across and includes a large, 15.6-inch screen to make it easy to watch your favorite DVDs. Its larger base and swiveling screen ensure you always enjoy your preferred viewing angle. Furthermore, you can choose from three colors and control the player from far away using the included remote.

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11. NAVISKAUTO Dual Car DVD Players


This set of portable DVD players offers 10.9-inch screens and can easily sync 1080P videos and audio from computers, mobile phones, and gaming consoles such as Xbox or Kindle Fire and also features AV input and output functions. Each DVD player in this set comes with a mounting bracket, headphones, and remote control and there’s also a car charger splitter and AV cable so you can connect to your favorite devices.

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How We Chose the Best Portable DVD Players

To ensure we only have the very best portable DVD players on our list, we checked all of the key elements mentioned above. On top of this, we also filtered through thousands of reviews and ratings from users who already own each device. This resulted in a selection of top-rated devices. In addition, to ensure there’s a device for everyone, we picked a wide range of DVD players. This includes truly portable devices, ones for in-car viewing and a screen-free option that can be used at home.

So if it’s time to hunker down and binge-watch some classics from your extensive DVD collection, check out our recommendations for the best portable DVD players available online.

Is It Worth Buying a DVD Player in 2022?

In 2022, a time filled with smartphones, tablets, laptops and other media-playing devices, the first and most obvious question when it comes to buying a DVD player is “is it worth buying a DVD player?” The answer to this question really depends on the person. However, some factors which remain true for any person looking to invest in a portable DVD player include:

  • Convenience – Grab your DVD player and the DVD you want to watch and you’re good to go. Simply insert the disc, press play and enjoy your movie. Forget seemingly endless libraries of media, signing in to an account, distracting social media and having to pay for anything.
  • Cost – Most portable DVD players cost around $100 or less. DVDs cost next to nothing from resale shops or a nominal/comparable amount of money from stores or online retailers. On the whole, a portable DVD player and media to play can actually be a budget-friendly investment.
  • Portability – Yes, compared to your smartphone, a portable DVD player is almost certainly less portable. However, the larger screen size and ability to stand by itself means a portable DVD player still has plenty to offer.
  • Unlimited Access – In addition to letting you watch a movie as many times as you want, completely subscription-free, your DVD collection may actually be home to some classic movies which aren’t currently available on Netflix or Amazon Prime.
  • Internet-Independent Viewing – By providing an internet-free viewing experience, portable DVD players offer a way to disconnect from everything and just sit back and relax as you watch a movie. Playing DVDs for kids also means there’s no need to worry about adverts or what the internet may choose to show them next.
  • Nostalgia – In our world of on-demand, instant media at the tap of a button, having to manually insert and play a classic DVD can still hold plenty of appeal.

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