For Both Emergencies and Entertainment, Here are the Best Bluetooth Radios

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Working from home can be rather convenient — access to your kitchen and fridge and not changing out of your sweats is nice — but the morning and afternoon commute that many of us have surrendered gave people a chance to tune into their favorite local and national radio programming. In some instances, the radio is the only way to get the full version of that show. Radio by itself might seem like a dying technology, but when its paired with a stereo system that includes modern technology like Bluetooth, the benefits of having a radio available become that much more noticeable.

Bluetooth radios blend the old with the new. In fact, some look like traditional radios from the 1950s, but with modern technology. The best Bluetooth radios include multiple ways to listen to content such as MP3, CDs, AUX, FM/AM dials and Bluetooth. For those who like to take their music and shows with them, you’ll want to find one that’s lightweight and battery-powered.

Outside of the obvious entertainment that comes from radio, these devices also make a great way of staying on top of local news. Sure, we all have smartphones and computers, but if you’re in a situation where the power is out, a radio can be a lifeline to the outside world, especially when trying to figure out what’s going on around you locally.

You don’t have to give up modern conveniences in your Bluetooth speaker to listen to the radio. Bluetooth radios are a way to have it all. Below you’ll find our recommendations for the best Bluetooth radios for sale in 2020.


1. Bose Wave Music System IV


This device covers all of your media needs. It can connect via WiFi and Bluetooth, or if CDs are still your go-to for music, it can play those, too. You can also catch the news or your favorite morning radio show on FM/AM radio. The Wave Music System IV comes with a remote that handles most of the controls, but you can also turn it on and off by touching the device. It’s pricey compared to most Bluetooth radios, but it is by far the best.

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2. Tenmiya Clear Audio FM Radio


It’s powerful, portable, and undeniably clean. With the wood frame, combined with the sunburst orange speaker and dial in the front, this Bluetooth radio wins all the style points. Take it anywhere you want to go and listen to the news or your favorite local sports talk show on the radio or connect it to your phone via Bluetooth to keep binging that true-crime podcast. It even comes with a remote providing complete control of the portable Bluetooth radio.

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3. Antimi Bluetooth/FM Radio


This Bluetooth Radio provides plenty of ways to connect and listen to content. You can listen to the radio, connect via Bluetooth, or attach a wired connection such as an AUX cable or mini USB. It can even play music from a Micro SD card. And when tunes start playing, all of the controls are conveniently located on the front of the Bluetooth Radio for easy access. You can expect 12 hours of battery life before it needs a recharge.

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4. Sbode Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio


This round and compact speaker easily fits in your bag and only weighs a pound, so you can take it to the beach or the backyard BBQ. It’s made from durable and tightly woven material, so you don’t need to worry if your party gets rained out and your Bluetooth radio gets a little wet. You can connect to the speaker via Bluetooth, listen to the radio, and even use it to answer a call on your phone. It’s a smart, portable choice for those who like to spend the summer outside.

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5. Soundance FM Radio Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


The built-in alarm clock and radio capabilities make it a great option for your nightstand. And if you like to wake up and fire up your favorite radio morning show, you can auto-search or manually tune the FM dial. But it doesn’t need to stay plugged in on your nightstand. There’s eight hours’ worth of battery life when you want to bring this Bluetooth radio with you from room to room.

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6. Rerii Retro Bluetooth Speaker


This Bluetooth Radio is great for the old soul. The small wood enclosure along with minimalistic three dials and the off-checkered speaker will bring you back to the 1950s. You can listen to both FM and AM radio to find your favorite shows, but this old dog does have some new tricks. It also has Bluetooth capabilities when you want stream Spotify or Apple Music. When you want a classic looking Bluetooth radio, this is the jam.

Rerri bluetooth speaker Courtesy of Amazon

7. Pyle Wireless Bluetooth Radio Speaker


The Pyle Wireless Bluetooth Radio Speaker is a great blend of classic stylings and modern technology. Equipped with a FM/AM radio, a big center dial and tuning knobs, the radio looks like something from the 1950s. But radio’s from the 50s don’t come with Bluetooth, SD Cards or AUX connectors. You can get the best of both worlds with this Bluetooth radio.

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