The Best Ring Lights Instantly Brighten Up Your Zoom Meetings

best ring lights of 2020
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If you examine the photos ring light retailers use to promote their products, you might expect the only people who put these devices to use are young models obsessed with taking the perfect bathroom mirror selfie. And, sure, social media mavens definitely depend on ring lights for their social media photos. But in the age of ubiquitous video conferences and remote work, the ring light serves multiple masters.

For the more vain among us, a ring light provides an even enveloping light for taking selfies, videos and livestreams. For work-from-home warriors, the ring light can create a better image for Zoom, Skype or FaceTime video conferences. The right lighting can make a big difference when you’re making a first impression remotely. Dim lighting always looks more unprofessional, and the best ring lights offer a simple and affordable solution.

As its name makes clear, the ring light is an angled circle of focused illumination designed especially for modern cameras, webcams and video feeds. Even the best ring lights are still affordable, and the options below include various features to meet your basic lighting needs. Many of these products are the same ones used by professional influencers and Youtube video stars, so they’ll definitely meet your Zoom and video conference lighting needs.


1. Peteme Selfie Halo 12-Inch LED Ring Light


We start with the biggest ring on this list with a Peteme Selfie Ring Light stretching one foot across, edge to edge. The LED lighting system provides three different color modes (white light, daylight and warm light), each with 10 different brightness levels. The LED display is adjustable from 1% to 100%, adjusting the surrounding environment. The system includes a flexible retractable tripod stand and a universal smartphone holder. If you’re looking for the best ring light for video conferences, this is a great solution for just about everybody.


2. Lieront 6-Inch Selfie Ring Light


If you only need to light a small area, like your home work desk, then this clip-on ring light is a great option. The most compact choice in this collection, the Lieront still manages to include 64 LED lights with 32 white and 32 warm yellow bulbs. USB powered, the Lieront gets along well with laptops, smartphones and tablets. The smaller unit stands on flexible arms that act as a tripod or wind around different surfaces. They also pack away easily for transit.


3. Beam Electronics 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light


The Beam Electronics Ring Light includes all of the light functions expected of such a device, but it stands up to big spaces with an upgraded adjustable tripod stand using flip locks and a weighted tripod base for stability. That tripod stand extends from 17.5 to 59 inches high, and the phone holder rotates to horizontal, vertical, high-angle, low-angle and other positions. The spring-loaded phone holder extends up to 3.6 inches wide to take on any smartphone.

Beam Electronics

4. UBeesize 8″ Selfie Ring Light


If you often use your smartphone for video conferences or need a ring light for social media photos, then this is absolutely your best bet. We’ve written about the UBeesize 8″ Selfie Ring Light before, as it’s a simple but reliable solution to your lighting woes. With a tripod, phone holder, multiple light settings and a remote selfie button, it’s one of the best ring lights for social media influencers in the making.

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5. ESDDI 10-Inch LED Ring Light


There are ring lights with phone holders, and ring lights used as selfie rings. This ESDDI combines the two into one thanks to three dimmable color lights with adjustable brightness for each color. The setup includes USB ports that can be used to charge a mobile device while in use as a ring light. The Bluetooth remote operates with a range large enough for any room, and the universal mobile phone holder will adjust to fit your device.


6. Fauna 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light


Your standard ring light offers an easy solution if all you need is to light up your next Zoom call. However, the best ring lights offer more control over the levels and tones of your light. And if you want to paint with light, the QI-EU Ring Light offers a lot of versatility. In addition to the standard photography lighting, the Fauna 10-inch offers a 14 RGB color light mode with 10 levels of brightness included for each color chosen. The set comes with a Bluetooth Camera Remote in the phone holder with a 32-foot range and full compatibility with iPhones and Android smartphones. The ring light frame includes a curved lampshade made of polypropylene and can rotate 360 degrees and shift to any angle to fit the subject and environment.


7. QI-EU 10.2-Inch Ring Light


Armed with 120 dimmable LED bulbs, the QI-EU selfie ring toughens up with its iron foldable desktop tripod. The phone holder rotates 360 degrees to catch the right angle and will support iPhones and Android devices vertically or horizontally. If you connect your phone via Bluetooth to the remote, you can control your device from within the ring without needing to download any app.


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