You Can’t Go Wrong With These 10 Best Samsung TVs

the best samsung tv
Courtesy of Samsung
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Like FAANG to the tech stock market world (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google), you could say LSS is the equivalent in the world of TVs (LG, Samsung, Sony — although not nearly as catchy or cool to stay). If you want a premium TV, most likely you’re going to get a TV from one of those three heavy hitters.

Samsung has some of the most impressive TV technology around, forgoing OLED technology (found in upper-end LG and Sony TVs) to boast their proprietary Quantum Dot technology that produces bright and beautiful picture quality. And in their newest 2020 releases, we’re seeing 4K TV infused with better HDR processing capabilities and Samsung really going headfirst into 8K releases.

While it’s great to get the newest TV with the latest technology, this also gives budget shoppers an option to score a fantastic 2019 TV for hundreds of dollars cheaper, simply because it’s last year’s model. Don’t sleep on 2019 Samsung TVs that are still in the mix.

We want you to get an amazing TV, and Samsung is one of the best TV manufacturers around. Below you’ll find our recommendations for the 10 best Samsung TVs for sale in 2020.


1. Q80T (2020)


You can save a little money by going with a smaller screen (is 55-inch small now?) and choosing the Q80T compared to the Q90T. You still get great wide-viewing angles without washing out, and the same impressive Quantum 4K Picture processor. The HDR isn’t as powerful as the Q90T, but don’t let that scare you away from a better deal on a TV that is nothing short of impressive. Plus, with 4K AI upscaling, older 1080p movies will look like you’re watching them in theatres.

best samsung tv q80t Courtesy of Samsung

2. Q800T (2020)


Although this impressive 8K TV is expensive, the picture quality and sharpness are about as realistic as it gets. The Q800T sports an impressive 7,680 x 4,320 resolution and thanks to the Quantum 8K Picture processor and Quantum HDR 16x, the colors are vivid and saturated. Beyond the incredible picture quality, the TV boasts plenty of connectivity with four HDMI ports, so you’ll have enough room for that new Xbox when it finally arrives later this year.

best samsung tv q800t Courtesy of Samsung

3. Q90T (2020)


Since there are so many pixels crammed into a 4K screen, the best way to truly take advantage of the sharpness is to get a large 75-inch display. The larger size, like in the Q90T, provides an ultra-wide viewing angle (the screen won’t wash out when you’re viewing from the sides) and impressive sharpness and color saturation, considering the new 2020 model is powered by the Quantum HDR 16x (same as the 8K TV). It also sports four HDMI ports, to connect all of your favorite media streaming devices. It’s expensive, but it is worth it go to big.

best samsung tvs q90t Courtesy of Samsung

4. Samsung The Frame


A TV when you want it, and a frame for all your favorite digital artwork when it’s off; that’s the idea behind The Frame. Speaking of, the bezel is customizable, and we aren’t joking, it really does look like a picture frame. Whether in TV or Art Mode, all of the contents on the display shine in definitive 4K picture quality. For a limited time, you get three months free to the Art Store when you buy The Frame.

samsung tvs the frame Courtesy of Samsung

5. Q90R


Gamers want smooth gameplay without lagging or glitching. With the 240 Hz refresh rate, gameplay will be silky smooth. Couple the impressive refresh rate with 4K resolution, and HDR 16x, and you have yourself a super gaming TV. And with four HDMI cables, you won’t need to sacrifice one media player for another — everything will have a home.

samsung tvs q90r Courtesy of Samsung

6. Samsung Q70T QLED (2020)


If you want a brand new Samsung TV, but you aren’t willing to spend upwards of two grand to get one, the Q70T provides a viable option. The HDR isn’t as powerful as the Q80 or Q90 series, but inside powering the picture is still the same Quantum 4K processor. And with 4K upscaling, your favorite older movies and shows will have a new shine. One unique feature found on the Q70T is the Ambient Mode, which essentially camouflages your TV with the wall behind it. It’s not quite the same as The Frame, but still gets rid of a black square when your TV isn’t in use.

Best samsung tv samsung q70t Courtesy of Samsung

7. Samsung UN55RU7100FXZA


The really awesome thing about new TVs is that they make the previous year models much more affordable. Take this 65-inch flat-screen Samsung TV for instance, you can find it new for under $700, which is a steal. It features 4K upscaling to spruce up older movies, and integration with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Plus three HDMI ports for all of your media streaming devices. You can save a huge chunk of cash going with this 2019 Samsung TV.

best samsung tvs Samsung un55RU Courtesy of Amazon

8. Samsung Curved TV


A curved TV is probably not at the top of your wish list at the moment, but for those who are big fans, yes, you can still get them. We actually did an entire article looking into the curved TV and why they all but disappeared, but if you know the shtick, we’ll spare you. This 55-inch TV offers stunning 4K quality and thanks to its 2019 release date, it’s relatively affordable at just under $500. For a piece of dated tech that works with your smart assistants, you can’t do better than Samsung’s Curved TV.

Samsung curved tv Courtesy of Amazon

9. Samsung Q950TS


When money is no object, and you want a giant TV with the best resolution available, let us recommend to you the Samsung Q950TS. It’s a whopping 13 grand, but the 85-inch display is jam-packed with 33 million pixels for 8K clarity that will make your jaw hit the floor. Beyond the incredible picture quality, the ultra-thin design combined with the One Invisible Connection allows you to get the TV flush against a wall for seamless mounting. This TV is nothing short of impressive (and expensive).

best samsung tv q950t Courtesy of Samsung

10. Samsung Q80

2019 PICK

Again, when you want to save a little coin, it’s best to go with a smaller screen and the previous year’s model. The Q80 is nothing short of an incredible TV, it just has new shiny siblings that equate to cheaper prices for you. Built with HDR 12x and the Quantum 4K processor you’ll find in 2020 TVs, the makings are all there for an incredible TV, including Amazon Alexa compatibility. Not a bad way to get a top of the line 4K Samsung TV.

Best samsung tv q80 Courtesy of Best Buy


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