Soft Sells: The 5 Best Plush Toys For Sci-Fi Fans

Alien Facehugger Plush
Image courtesy of Think Geek
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Here are five of the best soft toys for hard sci-fi fans (and fantasy enthusiasts) that you can buy right now. Because even if those Beanie Babies from 2001 haven’t panned out as an investment product, the plush toy remains a great gift for geeks, comic fans and TV junkies alike. After all, who doesn’t want to cuddle up with a “facehugger” from Alien? It just wants a hug.

1. Supernatural Chilbi Plush

These adorable chilbi-style figures of Sam, Dean or Castiel from long-running TV series, Supernatural, are ready to take some time off from demon hunting and just cuddle.

supernatural chilbi figures Courtesy ThinkGeek

Supernatural Chilbi Plush



2. Alien Facehugger Plush

And the award for least likely cute plush toy goes to this adorable Facehugger from the Alien series. It just wants a hug! Cuddle up with it and sleep like a baby Xenomorph in its dreamy hibernation on some forsaken moon.

Alien Facehugger plush Courtesy ThinkGeek

Alien Facehugger Plush



3. Alien Chestburster Plush

There’s probably no better Alien-themed body pillow on the market for the Lt. Ripley cosplay enthusiast than this Alien Chestburster plush. It’s also probably the only Alien-themed body pillow on the market.

Alien chestburster plush Courtesy ThinkGeek

Alien Chestburster Plush



4. Animated Porg Plush

This realistic Porg animated plush comes with adorable flapping action. Official Star Wars: The Last Jedi merch, it features three different sound clips and cute animatronic action.

Last Jedi Porg plush Courtesy ThinkGeek

Animated Porg Plush



5. Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Plush

Take your pick of a moogle or chocobo and enjoy this special Final Fantasy 30th anniversary plush toy. Recall and relive your favorite Final Fantasy epics with a Kupo or a Kweh. Bring a little bit of Altissia home with you.

final fantasy plush Courtesy ThinkGeek

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Plush