You’re Beautiful, and These 6 Books Will Help You See Yourself In a Whole New Light

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* Self-help books to give you new confidence in your beauty
* Each well-reviewed book provides an easy way to tackle your fears
* Topics include lifestyle, beauty, positive thinking and mastering your inner critic

In today’s world, constant media coverage and social media interactions create an onslaught of expectations and comparisons that can often leave one feeling overwhelmed. Most of us certainly feel a lot less confident, attractive and positive than we wish we were.

Discovering ways to give yourself a boost and fight against the negativity that often creeps in is tough. But, there are ways to be the sexy, confident person you wish to be. One approach is self-help books. Take a look at the 6 top-rated books from Amazon that will give you a real confidence boost. Whether it’s your physical appearance, lifestyle or even your positivity, there’s a book to help you.

1. Beauty Tips For Women

Beauty Tips For Women gives you a simple and straightforward way to make yourself as attractive as possible using your physical form and a mental approach. For example, by discovering the facial shape you have, you’ll learn the best way to use it to your advantage in terms of makeup application. It’ll also help you decide your body shape and ways to choose the right fashion style for you. These attributes, along with several other elements, will result in a definite boost in confidence thanks to a newfound ability to adapt to your own body.

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2. Beauty Redefined

In Beauty Redefined, you will find exactly the advice on the cover by redefining what beauty means to you. By adjusting your focus from society and media-based standards to the historical, cultural and biological elements that drive attractiveness, you’ll discover that your voice isn’t as lost in the ocean as it often feels. After reading this powerful book, you can expect to feel more confident with an improved love for yourself, no matter what size, shape, creed or color you are.

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3. Mastering Your Mean Girl

With over 150 5-star reviews, you can rest assured that Mastering Your Mean Girl has made a difference in the lives of plenty of ladies. In this book, Melissa Ambrosini writes about how to control your inner critic – a.k.a. your inner “mean girl.” Mastering Your Mean Girl provides a strategic approach to hushing that bitchy voice while making yourself into the best person you can be. And it’s not just the lifestyle choices and changes that are crucial, learning to love the awesome person you are is equally important in this life-changing journey.

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4. The Inner Beauty Bible

You’ll often hear people speak about inner beauty without really talking specifics. The Inner Beauty Bible deals with this vagueness head on and gives you an easy reference point for understanding and mastering your own inner glow. Using knowledge gained from the modern-day world as well as ancient wisdom, this book will teach you how to create a connection to yourself and the importance of your beauty on the inside and out.

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5. The 100 Most Powerful Affirmations For Women

Positivity is the name of the game in The 100 Most Powerful Affirmations For Women. After a clear and concise introduction, you’ll use the 100 affirmations available as fuel for completing your daily positivity challenges. The approach is built around the idea that repeating the affirmations boosts positivity and gives you what you need in important moments to ensure you succeed where you may once have failed.

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6. Girl, Wash Your Face

There are few worse feelings in the world than logging onto Facebook and finding one of your friends has reached an important life milestone that’s still ages away for you. You might feel that everyone else has their lives figured out and yours is still…well, it’s a mess. Girl, Wash Your Face is your easy way to fight that feeling with its constant reminder that it’s all a lie. By facing the truth, Rachel Hollis is able to provide tips, tricks and genuine truths to help you live your life to the fullest. If you find yourself looking around at everyone else and fearing for the worst, it’s definitely time to pick up this book and rediscover your focus and passion once again.  

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