These 13 Small TVs are Proof That a Great TV Doesn’t Have to Be Big

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TVs are getting bigger and bigger, which leaves a big void in the small TV market. There’s no place for a great big 4K TV in your kitchen or office space, so what’s a person supposed to do? Thankfully, you can still find a great quality small TV, even new ones, in 2020.

We considered 43-inch TVs and smaller for our recommendations. Just a word of caution, when you start to dip into the 32-inch realm, you’ll be dealing with older models (from 2019 or older). Manufacturers just aren’t racing to make small TVs anymore. But if there is one advantage of going with a smaller and older TV — you can usually score a pretty great deal.

Below you’ll find our recommendations for the six best small TVs available. They range from 43-inches all the way down to 22-inches. Regardless, when you go with a small TV, especially a new one from Sony or Samsung, you can get a really great TV with incredible picture quality and smart features for a fraction of the cost of the best 65-inch TVs. Bigger isn’t always better.


1. Sony X800H 43-Inch 4K TV


The Sony X800H has everything you want in a small TV. Featuring voice assistant compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free use. You can also connect the TV to other smart home devices with Apple HomeKit. But the best feature is the incredible picture quality thanks to the 4K HDR X1 processor. Combine that with Motionflow XR, movie lovers and gamers will love the speedy refresh rate and ultra-smooth picture. If you want the best 43-inch TV, this is your best bet.

small tv sony Courtesy of Amazon

2. Samsung Q60T 43-Inch QLED TV


One of the most affordable ways to get a brand new Samsung QLED TV is to go with the 43-inch Q60T. With Quantum Dot technology and the Quantum 4K Lite processor, the picture quality on this small TV is bright, vivid and clear. You can choose from Alexa, Google Assistant or Bixby as your voice assistant. You can also control your entire smart home through your TV with integration with Samsung SmartThings. This might be a small TV, but its capabilities are anything but.

small tv samsung Courtesy of Samsung

3. TCL 4-Series 43-Inch 4K TV (2020)


A highly affordable option for a TV that has a vibrant and colorful display along with HDR10 support. When you combine that with the Roku platform that makes finding your favorite movies and shows a breeze, it’s easy to see why this small TV is a steal. Now, the lack of local dimming does hurt the contrast, and the 60Hz refresh rate won’t garner much praise from gamers, but a 43-inch 4K TV at this price is difficult to pass by.

TCL 4K 4 Series, best small tvs Courtesy of Amazon

4. Vizio V-Series 43-Inch 4K TV


The Vizio V-Series is a very impressive TV line considering how difficult it can be to find a small 4K TV with HDR and Dolby Vision support. Adding onto this TV’s visual prowess is the built-in Chromecast. You can stream from any device that allows casting, and have it look great once it’s on the V-Series’ display. The Vizio SmartCast OS is also intuitive and easy to use. For a small TV, this thing sure is smart.

Vizio V-Series 4K SmartCast TV, best small tvs Courtesy of Best Buy

5. Insignia 43-Inch Fire TV


Anyone who loves all things Amazon will be pleased with how the Insignia fits into the Amazon ecosystem. The Fire TV operating system is similar to that of a Kindle or Fire Stick, so anyone who knows how easy and intuitive Fire OS is will be pleased. And it wouldn’t be a true Fire TV without Alexa. You can call upon the voice assistant to help you navigate through shows or control other smart devices in your home. It’s a pretty sweet deal considering you get all these smart features around $200.

Insignia Smart Fire TV, best small tvs Courtesy of Best Buy

6. Toshiba 32-Inch Fire TV


This small TV is perfect for an exercise room or office. Not only will it fit in tight spaces, but the Fire TV operating system makes it ultra-convenient to quickly fire up a YouTube work out video or toss on a show while you get your miles in on the treadmill. You can also dial up your favorite shows or control other smart devices in your house thanks to built-in Amazon Alexa. And perhaps the best part is the cheap $119 price tag.

Toshiba 32” Smart FireTV, best small tvs Courtesy of Best Buy

7. Vizio D-Series 24-Inch TV


When you’re in the market for a really small TV that you can squeeze in areas like your kitchen or a cramped apartment, look no further than the affordable D-Series. You can enjoy your favorite apps like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube and connect all of your devices such as your gaming consoles thanks to four HDMI ports and five USB ports. It’s a little more expensive than your average 24-inch TV, but when you add up all the features plus great backlighting and a speedy refresh rate, the price becomes justified.

Vizio D-Series, best small tvs Courtesy of Amazon

8.Samsung The Serif 43-Inch TV


TV designs have been streamlined, optimized and minimized to the point where they all essentially look the same when you’re looking at them head-on. But for design connoisseurs, it doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to Samsung’s collaboration with the Rowan and Eric Bouroullec, the award-winning industrial designer from Paris, you can pick up The Serif, which will bring a modern sensibility to any small space thanks to the minimalist legs that this 43-inch TV is perched on. But the Serif isn’t just about looks: this is a 4K QLED TV featuring HDR 10 compatibility and an ambient mode which serves up attractive visuals when the TV isn’t in use.

Samsung The Serif, best small tvs Courtesy of Amazon

9. Westinghouse 43-Inch 4K TV


Roku TVs are arguably some of the easiest to navigate thanks to the intuitive OS that even the least tech savvy individual can manage. Include that in a 43-inch 4K TV that’s sub $200, and now you really got yourself a deal. It supports HDR10 and even works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant (you’ll need to connect it to a smart device however).

WestingHouse 43-inch LED 4K TV, best small tvs Courtesy of Best Buy

10. Hisense H55 32-Inch TV


The Hisense 32-inch sports the intuitive Android TV operating system which provides plenty of features like built-in Google Assistant and Chromecast. Needless to say, you can stream content on this Hisense TV in a variety of different ways. Having only two HDMI ports lags behind other TVs, but the price is right and Android TV is a great way to navigate through your favorite content.

Hisense 32-inch H55 Series Android Smart TV, best small tvs 2021 Courtesy of Amazon


11. TCL 3-Series 32-Inch TV (2018)


This is an inexpensive 32-inch TV with the easy to navigate Roku platform that makes searching for your favorite content as easy as it gets. This TV is a couple years old and isn’t 4K, but the 32-inch display makes it a great TV for a bedroom, office or dorm. In reality, an older TV just means you save more money. But, if you can’t live without 4K, we suggest going with the TCL 43-inch Class-5 Series.

small tv TCL 32-inch, , best small tv 2021 Courtesy of Amazon

12. Samsung The Frame


Is it a TV or a great piece of artwork? That’s the beauty of Samsung The Frame. Bordered with a stylish wood frame, when the TV is in Art Mode, it displays thousands of different pictures from the Samsung Art Store. When you are watching TV, you get a full HDR picture with Quantum Dot technology color saturation. It’s a great way to hide your small TV on your wall.

samsung tvs the frame, best small tvs Courtesy of Samsung

13. LG 22-Inch 1080P (2017)


When space is really cramped, the LG 22-inch TV is here to help. It’s an older model (2017), but that also means that you can get this TV for under $150 dollars. It’s only 1080p and doesn’t have any smart functionality (Hey, Alexa, where are you?), but if you want a small TV to tuck away in your kitchen or in a den, this LG TV fits the bill. It’s also available in a 24-inch model, if you want something a tiny bit bigger.

lg 22-inch LED, best small tvs Courtesy of Amazon

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