Music to Your Ears — Here are the Best Sonos Products of 2021

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When it comes to in-home speaker integration, and wireless sound quality, Sonos simply does things right. And once you’re in the Sonos ecosystem, every speaker purchased can be added and integrated into the ecosystem as a whole — a Sonos Arc and two Sonos Ones can be a full home entertainment surround sound system. This speaker integration is truly what separates Sonos from the rest.

The Sonos product line has done a bit of rebranding — getting rid of the Play:1 through Play:5 line and replacing them with Sonos One, Sonos Five and more portable options such as the Sonos Roam and Move. One thing that hasn’t changed though, is the incredible and crisp sound quality. No matter what Sonos product you choose, the sound quality is going to be *chef’s kiss* perfecto.

We’ve curated a list of the Best Sonos products currently available. Whether you’re looking for a Sonos soundbar to go alongside your new 65-inch TV, or a portable speaker to take with you to the beach, you’ll find it below.


1. Sonos Roam

Sonos’ take on a portable smart speaker is a great one. Although it looks like your typical Bluetooth speaker on the outside, it is packed to the brim with smart tech. Sonos adding Bluetooth to its WiFi speaker collection is a big deal since you can take this speaker outside your WiFi network. But weighing less than a pound, being IP67 dust and waterproof and adding 10 hours-worth of battery life ups the portability to new heights. When you are home, it can seamlessly integrate into your network of Sonos speakers and with TruePlay, it will sound amazing no matter what room it ends up in.

Sonos Roam Courtesy of Sonos

2. Sonos Arc

When it comes to soundbars, the Sonos Arc is nothing short of a design marvel. Intelligent speaker placement sends sounds in all directions creating a true surround sound experience. Even without a subwoofer, the Arc projects that oh-so-desirable bass that can rattle the floor. When paired with the Sonos S2 app, your phone becomes the soundbar remote, making for simple operation. And esthetically speaking, the sleek rounded design looks great under any TV. The sound and design here are nothing short of amazing.

Sonos Arc Courtesy of Amazon

3. Sonos One

Marrying smart tech with amazing sound quality, the Sonos One is proof that you can have a speaker that does both well. As far as smarts, you get both Alexa and Google Assistant for your AI voice tech. When it comes to the home, if you have more than one Sonos speaker, you can integrate the Sonos One into the mix so your music can jump from one speaker to the next through the app, or pair groups of speakers together for full coverage through the house. And of course, the sound quality that fills your home is simply fantastic — crisp, clean and full.

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4. Sonos Beam

Not nearly as hefty as the Arc, and boasting a much smaller price tag, the Sonos Beam is a good compromise to get amazing Sonos sound quality without having to shell out $800 to do so. The Beam has four speakers and three passive bass radiators that produce crystal clear audio. The true bread and butter comes with the speech enhancement feature that boosts dialogue to cut through all of the peripheral noise. Keep in mind that there isn’t any Bluetooth on-board — instead, it connects to your home WiFi to stream music. And if you’re already in the Sonos ecosystem you can connect other speakers to the soundbar for a more enhanced surround sound experience.

Sonos Beam Courtesy of Amazon

5. Sonos Move

Ok, so technically the Sonos Roam isn’t the first portable speaker produced by Sonos. That title belongs to Sonos Move, although its size alone is better suited for home use. That being said, the Move has both WiFi connectivity as well as Bluetooth for quick pairing, especially for friends outside of the home who aren’t connected to your WiFi network. The usual suspects are all there too — integration with other Sonos speakers and Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control. Although the size of the Move makes it too uncomfortable to travel with, it gives it the one-up on just about all other Bluetooth speakers in sound quality and sheer volume. It will surely make that ass move.

Sonos Move Courtesy of Amazon

6. Sonos Port

As vast and robust as streaming services are, there are still some things you can’t find on Spotify or Apple Music, especially when it comes to great live concerts or old-school vinyl. That’s where the Sonos Port comes in. Let’s say you have an old vinyl or live concert CD that you’d love to hear on your new Sonos speakers. The Port serves as that bridge. It connects to your older stereo equipment (it’s not a power amp) and digitizes the audio signal so you can stream it to your Sonos speakers. It’s a unique concept that saves people from having to take the time to painstakingly digitize all of their vinyl records or CDs.

Sonos Port Courtesy of Amazon

7. Sonos Five

The Sonos Five is the flagship speaker for their home speaker line and in terms of sheer sound quality, it’s easy to understand why. The six custom drivers inside the Five sound incredible. The sound is crisp, vibrant, full-bodied and powerful. One Sonos Five in a living room area is enough audio firepower to really get a party started. All that being said, the Five lacks a microphone which means there’s no voice AI like Alexa or Google Assistant. If that’s not a deal-breaker, this speaker is certainly worth the price.

Sonos Five Courtesy of Amazon

8. Sonos One SL

The difference between the One and the One SL? Like the Sonos Five, the SL doesn’t have a microphone, so you’ll forgo the use of an Alexa or Google Assistant. But wait! That’s not entirely true — if you pair the SL with a speaker that does have voice AI, like the Move for example, you can control both speakers with voice commands, so it’s not a total loss. That being said, beyond voice control, it’s virtually identical to the Sonos One and is a smidge less expensive.

Sonos One SL Courtesy of Amazon

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