Gift Long and Prosper: The 12 Best Gifts For Star Trek Fans

Star Trek Illuminated Display

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Know a Trekkie with a birthday coming up? Captain Kirk got some contraband “Romulan Ale” for his birthday in The Wrath of Khan , and while we have no idea what that might be like, here in 2018, we’ve found a dozen of the best gifts for Star Trek fans.

These “engaging” games, collectibles and commemorative decor bits are even better than having Shatner tell you to “get a life.”

4 years
Birthday? You all could have made this a mothers day gift guide

4 years
Birthday? You all could have made this a mothers day gift guide

1. Star Trek Cats Calendar

This highly logical calendar lets you mark the star date on your captain’s log with help from some kitties whose cuteness not even a vulcan could withstand.

star trek cats calendar Courtesy ThinkGeek


2. Star Trek Epic Box

Each Star Trek Epic Box contains five officially licensed collectables plus one mystery gift.

star trek epic box Courtesy ThinkGeek


3. Star Trek Coloring Book

Choose from Original Series or The Next Generation  coloring book illustrations. The style is all up to you: Data would probably color inside the lines and then spend the rest of the episode trying to learn why humans find this boring.

Star Trek Coloring Book Courtesy ThinkGeek


4. Star Trek Beach Towels

This product’s existence serves to contradict a stereotype, namely that Star Trek fans don’t go outside. Of course, we suppose you could use it to construct a simulated beach environment in your loft.

Star Trek Beach Towels Courtesy ThinkGeek


5. Oven Mitt

This Star Trek-themed oven mitt is a highly logical way to get hot items out of the oven while helping you to “live long and prosper” by avoiding burns on your fingers.

Star Trek Vulcan oven mitt Courtesy ThinkGeek


6. Sushi Set

An original ThinkGeek creation, this Sushi Set is, like the best fandom gifts, both hilariously self aware and aesthetically solid. Turns out the model of the Starship Enterprise lends itself nicely to a soy sauce dish and chopstick holders.

star trek sushi set Courtesy ThinkGeek


7. USB Drive

This USB drive is patterned after the cool ‘90s “isolinear chips” featured in Star Trek: The Next Generation  and Deep Space Nine . Useful, since the Enterprise doesn’t have WiFi. Presumably it was turned off in the Original Series because Sulu kept posting memes while driving.

Star Trek USB Drive Courtesy ThinkGeek


8. Klingon Monopoly

This officially licensed Star Trek Monopoly set features a bilingual (English and Klingon, naturally) playing board. Who needs Park Place or the railroads when you can charge rent on the entire Crab Nebula?

Klingon Monopoly Courtesy ThinkGeek


9. Salt and Pepper Shakers

Set your plates to salted with these “shipshape” salt and pepper shakers. Now if only the replicator could give us a bowl of ramen without spitting out a tribble instead, we’d be set.

Star Trek Salt and Pepper Shakers Courtesy ThinkGeek


10. Pizza Cutter

Coincidentally, the Starship Enterprise is already a pretty ideal shape for a pizza cutter, so this product is a natural case of life imitating art.

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter Courtesy ThinkGeek


11. USB Car Charger

Kirk was always asking poor Scottie for more power, and now with this USB car charger you too can have a quick fix for getting your devices powered up on the go. Refer to it as a shielded power coupling for maximum nerd value.

Star Trek Warp Core car charger Courtesy ThinkGeek



12. Illuminated Display

This Star Trek schematic illuminated display benefits from decades of LED tech that ironically, makes it look more advanced than the actual props used on the shows. Choose from TOS (The Original Series) or TNG (The Next Generation) themes.

Star Trek TNG Illuminated Schematics Display Courtesy ThinkGeek

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