8 Turntable Speakers to Make the Most of Your Vinyl Collection

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The experience of sitting down and listening to one of the best vinyl records on a record player is deeply rewarding, letting you settle in and hear your favorite songs in a bold and rich new way. But, turntables can also be a little daunting, especially when it comes to ensuring you can, you know, actually hear the music. This is where a set of turntable speakers is essential to the vinyl experience.

Similar to how a set of dedicated computer speakers can make or break the experience of playing games, turntable speakers are just as crucial to the vinyl experience as the quality of your player or the amount of wear on your needle. A good, quality pair of turntable speakers can be the difference-maker in your vinyl experience, bolstering the vocals of your favorite artist or letting that guitar riff shine through in a new way. When considering a pair, you’ll want to think about the same factors that go into many home audio purchases; you’ll want to consider the drivers, tweeters, bass, and the input connection.

To help streamline the process, we’ve rounded up eight of our favorite turntable speakers so you can focus on spinning your favorite record and letting it wash over you. Check our selections below from brands like Sonos, Sony, Fluance and more.


1. Micca MB42 Turntable Speakers

While you’ll need a receiver or an amplifier to connect Micca’s MB42 turntable speakers to your setup, you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic set of turntable speakers as a result. Budget-friendly, the MB42s will help your records sound their best, thanks to their silk dome tweeter construction that leverages effective sound driver output to provide an accurate and rich sound. The compact design makes them easy to place, which is excellent for small homes or those who would instead not overwhelm their setups with huge speakers.

Micca MB42 Turntable Speakers Amazon


2. Sony SSCS5 Turntable Speakers

Sony’s audio products are among the best on the market, and their SSCS5s turntable speakers live up to the brand’s quality reputation. Like most of their speakers, the SSCS5s are a bit bass-heavy but still provide quality playback across the entire sound spectrum, including a focus on the mids and highs. The included tweeters help give a deep, full sound to fill your room with sound. All of that impressive tech is wrapped up in a clean and polished outer case that won’t draw too much attention to itself.

Sony SSCS5 Turntable Speakers Amazon


3. Edifier R1280DB Turntable Speakers

Edifier’s R1280DB turntable speakers remind us of the wood-paneled interiors of homes you’d see in 80s TV shows and movies but applied to a set of speakers. The contrasting wood accents and mesh cover create a set of speakers that manage to straddle the line between throwback and modern elegance. That said, the tech inside the units is impressive as well, with both wired and wireless (via Bluetooth) connectivity that makes it easy to fulfill a variety of audio needs. The bass and treble drivers are on the smaller side of things, which means the produced audio isn’t quite as loud as some other options on this list but should fill a small apartment quite nicely.

Edifier R1280DB Turntable Speakers Amazon


4. PreSonus Eris Turntable Speakers

While the PreSonus turntable speakers were initially designed for studio-mixing use, that high-fidelity construction and output will translate to the home listening experience just as well. The smooth and accurate frequency helps to provide a greater sound clarity to your music, providing layers of depth and breadth to your favorite records thanks to their woofers and a silk dome tweeter which allows the speakers to emit a sound quality that’s great no matter how far away you are from the set.

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PreSonus Eris Turntable Speakers Amazon


5. Fluance Elite Turntable Speakers

Fluance’s Elite turntable speakers are made to complement their line-up of turntables but will also work wonders for you no matter your setup. The two-way speaker system offers excellent sound radiation and rich timbre thanks to its 5-inch drivers that help to produce a dynamic, low-frequency response that yields fantastic sound. The wood enclosure further provides a warm, natural tone that ties the whole package together. However, you will need an amp for these to work.

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Fluance Elite Turntable Speakers Amazon


6. Polk Audio S20 Signature Series Turntable Speakers

Polk Audio’s S20 Signature Series turntable speakers leverage 6.5-inch drivers and a strong tweeter to provide clear vocals and fantastic music that will elevate your everyday listening experience. The deep bass helps to cut down on any sort of distortion while providing a deep tone that will highlight the strength of any of your records. The clean and polished design (thanks to its black wood paneling on the side) will fit into any space with ease and won’t draw too much attention to itself.

Polk Audio S20 Signature Series Turntable Speakers Amazon


7. Elac Debut B6 Turntable Speakers

Elac’s Debut B6 turntable speakers provide a richer and deeper overall quality to their sound profile that’s bound to satisfy even the pickiest vinyl enthusiasts. The beautiful sound is exceptionally refined thanks to their tweeter design and rigid cabinet, which helps eliminate and stifle unwanted vibrations (which can affect the sound, distorting it in the process). Plus, for the quality of sound they produce, their price point is relatively affordable.

Elac Debut B6 Turntable Speakers Walmart


8. Sonos Five Turntable Speaker

Sonos has made quite a name for itself in the last few years due to its ease of use and overall quality. While technically not a dedicated turntable speaker, the Sonos Five can be used with a record player via Bluetooth or even through a 3.5mm audio jack, which makes its price a little more affordable as it becomes an all-in-one audio solution for your home. Three mid-woofers provide textured playback of vocals while boosting bass, while the three tweets ensure a crisp high-frequency sound. Plus, you can pair the Five with your other Sonos speakers to provide full-home audio with just the press of a button.

Sonos Five Turntable Speaker Sonos


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