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Time to Binge: The Best TVs for Any Situation

Finding the right TV that fits your needs can be overwhelming at times. But there has arguably never been a better time to be searching for one, in terms of quality, value and selection. But everyone’s requirements when it comes to buying a TV are pretty different, and so instead of trying to round up the absolute best TVs, this list focuses more on the best TV in a given category or use case.

While all of these TVs offer 4K resolution and HDR output, some offer OLED panels or incredible gaming experiences, while others stand out for their ease of use or value-friendly features. With TVs from the likes of TCL, LG, Sony, Samsung and Hisense, we think there’s something here for everyone.

Check out the best TVs below.

1. TCL 6-Series QLED TV

When it comes to bang for the buck, there are very few TVs that can compete with the TCL 6-Series line, which is why it’s our best overall TV. Featuring a QLED display for extra sharp resolution, this 4K display offers some of the best HDR10 and Dolby Vision performance in its class. It also has the Roku Smart TV interface, which is easy to use and widely supported by most streaming services.  

Pros: Excellent picture for the price, especially when watching HDR content. 

Cons: Better for watching movies rather than sports.

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If the best possible picture is what you’re after, you can’t do any better than the LG CX. Its OLED display ensures you get the darkest blacks and deepest, most life-like colors while supporting all of the latest innovations in HDR, such as Dolby Vision IQ and Filmmaker Mode. Add to that a truly impressive low latency mode for some of the best lag-free gaming around and you have yourself a beast of a television.

Pros: Stunning image quality, support for all the latest video standards and it’s great for gaming.

Cons: Best-of-class features come at a premium price.

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3. Sony X900H 4K LED TV

The Sony X900H LED TV is perfect for those who want a step up in performance or a larger-sized screen, but aren’t ready to splurge on an OLED display. The X900H is well-equipped for nearly any scenario and supports all the latest standards while handling sports, movies and video games with equal aplomb.

Pros: Not only does it have impressive brightness and contrast ratio, but few TVs are also as well-suited for as many different types of video as this.

Cons: Getting the best performance requires a relatively dark room and viewing at a head-on angle.

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4. Samsung Q80T QLED TV

For the discerning gamer who wants an optimal experience, the Samsung Q80T has everything they could ever want. A high contrast ratio, along with low input lag and a panel that minimizes glare provide a solid foundation for gaming performance. And when you add in good viewing angles, FreeSync support and integrated speakers that support object tracking, you end up with the perfect LED TV for dominating whatever game you load up.

Pros: This TV is especially strong for HDR gaming, and comes with features not found on the average TV.

Cons: Non-gamers may not find value in the extra features.

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5. Hisense H8G 4K QLED TV

You don’t always need the best possible performance or feature set to get the job done, and for many, the Hisense H8G will do just fine. A 4K QLED display offering HDR support and the easy-to-use Android TV smart interface make this a smart buy for the more fiscally aware among us.

Pros: Solid all-around performance.

Cons: Geared towards those who watch more SDR than HDR content.

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