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These Waterproof Earbuds Let You Listen to Music While Swimming Laps

* Swim, surf and paddle while listening to your favorite tunes
* Kit comes with four sets of waterproof earbuds
* Included jack connects to your waterproof device

Looking for a new pair of waterproof headphones? We’ve got you covered. The Swimbuds are easily one of the most popular brands on the market, and for good reason. Sporting a more comfortable fit that won’t wiggle or fall out when you’re working out or swimming, these earbuds were made for motion.

This set comes with four different styles: ergos, fins, trees and traditional. Tree tip earbuds are designed to help keep water out, so they’re best worn when swimming laps. Fin tips work the same way, but some users find them to be slightly more comfortable. Ergo tips actually fit the outer ear for added comfort, and while they’re quite stable, they’re best worn under swim caps. The traditional, or round, earbuds are the default standard and are best reserved for more casual swimmers.

Bottom line? Regardless of your personal preference or particular activity, these buds are sure to fit your needs.

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These Swimbuds come with an impressive short 40 cm cord to help connect to your preferred underwater audio device (Apple’s Underwater iPod Shuffle instantly springs to mind). And in an effort to be more eco-friendly, Swimbuds have removed all that excess cardboard in their packaging. What you see is what you get.

Best of all, these buds come with an impressive one-year warranty. So you can basically try before you buy. Sure, summer may still be a way’s away, but if you’re anything like us, you like to plan ahead.


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